Barrier for psychologist’s provision of service

Lely Safriana


Not only because most mental health programs ended, but also the need of Aceh people to independently handle mental health in the future the psychology department of Syiah Kuala University was established in 2007. To continue mental health community services in CHCs, lecturers who are also psychologist provided services for almost 5 years. Although there is an urgent need for psychologist services in CHCs, the services were stopped. This research has sought to develop understanding into the experiences of those volunteer psychologists who provide mental health care services in CHCs in Banda Aceh in order to gain knowledge for the improvement community mental health provision in Aceh. A qualitative design based on a thematic analysis approach was used for data collection and analysis. A small group of voluntary Clinical Psychologists working in Aceh were interviewed. Psychologists in this research highlighted how a lack of understanding of mental health issues among health authorities has impacted on their capacity to provide psychological services to the community in Aceh.

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