The Effect of aerobics on reducing the pain of dysmenorrhea

. Munawar, . Nurjannah, Fiki Nurviana


Dysmenorrhea is a painful syndrome that accompanies the menstrual cycles that may disturb daily activities. Although many drugs are available to reduce dysmenorrheal pain, many women consider its side effects for taking regularly. Although exercise is generally thought to alleviate the dysmenorrhea, the
scientific literature display mixed evidence. The aim of the research was to investigate the effect of aerobics on decreasing dysmenorrheal pain of women 20-25 years old.The research used quasi experiment with one group pretest-posttest design using 15 samples who are medical student of Syiah Kuala University. The data was analyzed using paired t-test to differentiate the score of pain before and after the aerobics exercise. The research was conducted from Januari to April 2012. The Average result dysmenorrheal pain scores
using the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS); pretest (6.26) and posttest (3.26) (P= 0.00). It can be concluded that aerobics may reduce dysmenorrheal pain in women 20-25 years old

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