The effect of ethanol extract Coleus ambonicus L on antibody titer of white rats (Rattus norvegicus) trough SRBC as antigen

Melva Silitonga, Eriana Situmorang


This study aimed to determine the effect of ethanol extract of leaves bangunbangun (Coleus ambonicus L) antibody titer as humoral immunity and body weight in Wistar strain rats by using the sheep red blood cells (SRBC) as antigen. This study used 24 male white rats were randomly divided into four
treatment groups consisting of six rats. The first group was given distilled water as a control, the second group was given 500 g / kg ethanol extract bangunbangun (EEC), the third group was given 500 g / kg EEC SRBC, and the fourth group was given distilled water+SRBC. EEC was administered orally every day for thirty days. SRBC administered intraperitoneally of 0.1 ml on day eight and day fifthteen. On day 31, blood was collected by decapitation, and collected in a tube that has been coated with an anticoagulant, and centrifuged to obtain serum. Antibody titers were measured by haemagglutination method. Weight gain is obtained by calculating the difference in initial weight and final weight of research. The data obtained were tabulated and analyzed by ANOVA and LSD test. Results of data analysis showed that administration of EC for 30 days in rats can increase the antibody titer significantly, and administration of EC for 30 days in rats didnt influence the gain of body weight

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