Isolation of enterobacteriaceae bacteria species from feces of Sumatran Orangutans (Pongo abelii)

. Darmawi, Erdiansyah Rahmi, Maryulia Dewi, Joharsyah Hutabarat, Mahdi Abrar, . Fakhrurrazi


The porpouse of this research aimed to isolate enterobacteriaceae bacteria from feces of Pongo abelii. The samples of feces were collected from 15 captive orangutans in Orangutan Sumatera Batu Mbelin Sibolangit Qurantine, North Sumatra. Of each sample was cultured in nutrient broth media using sterile
cotton swabs or Pasteur pipettes, and incubated at 37°C temperature for 24 hours. Culture was spared on Methylene Blue Agar (Oxoid), examined by Gram staining, and tested by biochemically. The result showed that significantly more common appear Escherichia sp. (93,33%) and fewer Edwardsiella sp. (66,67%) were
isolated from feces samples of P. abelii. Others enterobacteriaceae found in feces of P. Abelii were Shigella sp. (46,67%), Klebsiella sp. (33,33%), Citrobacter sp., and Salmonella sp. (13,33%), respectively

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