Traffic safety in Sudan: magnitude and future challenges

Khair Jadaan, Mawaheb Osman, Dana Abudayyeh, Hala Gammoh


The performance of road safety in Sudan has generally deteriorated over the last few years as accident rates have witnessed a tremendous increase. The number of road accidents was 23850 in 2001 rising to a total of 38515 in 2005, then to 61428 accidents in 2010. The 2010 fatality rate of 38 per 10,000 registered vehicles is very high compared to Arab, developing and developed countries. This paper reviews the magnitude, trends and characteristics of road traffic accidents in Sudan in order to provide a better understanding of the road safety trauma. It discusses the future trends and challenges which are expected to have significant bearing on both short and long-term traffic safety development. Finally short term remedial measures and long term National Road Safety Strategy are presented and recommended for implementation.

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