An optimization technique to prepare nurse schedule for a monthly time horizon

Paramacutty Paramathevan, W. B. Daundasekera


Nurse scheduling problem is one of the most difficult scheduling problems to solve since its solution space is large and it expects to comply many constraints. There is no standard model or a method of solution for nurse scheduling. The main objective of this study is to search for a scientific method to prepare a monthly working schedule for a group of nursing officers employed in a hospital. We propose an optimization method to prepare an optimal schedule. Initially, we develop an optimization model by formulating the objective and the constraints of the problem. The optimization model that we are interested
in is a 0-1 Integer Linear Programming problem. We apply the Branch-and-Bound technique to solve the problem using the optimization software package LINGO. Finally, the solution to the optimization problem is formulated to a regular nurse schedule. The methodology is illustrated by preparing a monthly schedule for a private hospital in Sri Lanka.

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