Measuring a level of water pollution in sungai pinang using a mathematical model

Mohd Amirul Mahamud, Rajasegeran Ramasamy


Mathematical models are now a popular tool in many applications such as physics, economics and engineering; and provide useful information for decision making and planning. Water pollution in Malaysia has reached a level that needs attention and intervention from environmental department and government. In order to make a strong case, this paper has done a study on measuring the pollution level of Sungai Pinang which is located in Penang Island, Malaysia. Advection-Dispersion equation is one of the mathematical models that often use in evaluating the level of water pollution in the river. This paper applies this model and compares the result of this study with the studies done in the previous research worldwide to evaluate the severity of the pollution. The authors hope that this paper will create awareness to relevant department and also to community in general

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