Water problem in the UAE mountain areas: A case study on the east coast farming areas

Saif Al Qaydi


As a result of the recent unwise use of water pumped from underground resources, several East Coast (EC) farms (70%) became appended by farmers in the UAE mountain areas. The EC of the UAE is one of these areas where farmers can’t utilize their farmland because of the increased salinity in irrigation water. This problem increased at the end of the last century as a result of the increased population and the expanding area of EC cities which put more pressure on the existing underground water resources. This paper highlights the main reasons behind this problem and examines both the government and the EC farmers' efforts to reduce the impact of water shortage on EC farming activities. Farmer’s points of views were collected through direct personal contacts to evaluate the nature and the volume of this problem. Future alternatives are suggested to help in reducing the effect of water shortages on the farming activities in the EC of the UAE.

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