Indoor Thermal Assessment of Post Tsunami-Housing in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Laina Hilma Sari


The purpose of the study is to see and evaluate the annual indoor thermal
performance of post tsunami housing in Banda Aceh, Indonesia by comparing the data with the annual inside thermal performance of unaffected existing house and Acehnese traditional house and the neutral temperatures in tropics. This study is approached by analysing the results of a field survey carried out using questionnaires, onsite measurements, and the relevant literatures. The further analysis in predicting the annual indoor thermal performance was conducted using TAS thermal analysis simulation software. The finding show that there is no significant difference in inside air temperature between the
post-tsunami housing and the unaffected existing housing (except traditional Acehnese houses). This study performs the actual indoor thermal performance in the post tsunami housing for couple of days and the predicted annual data of the houses simulated using TAS software. This information is valuable for both the government and Non-Governmental Organizations who carried out the post reconstruction programs in performing their „products‟ (donated houses) dealing with the long term local climate

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