Performance of broiler marketing in Umuahia area of Abia State, Nigeria

I. O. Obasi, I. J. Okafor


This study examined the performance of broiler marketing in Abia State of Nigeria.The specific objectives of the study were to examine the performance of broiler marketing in terms of the marketing cost and returns, marketing margin and marketing efficiency, as well as identify factors affecting the income of broiler marketers in the study area. Primary and secondary data were used for this stud. Forty- five respondents from each category; producer-marketers and sole markers were selected both purposively and randomly from the population across the major markets and production areas in Umuahia North and Umuahia South Local Government Areas of the state. The result of the study showed that the business was profitable though with high marketing margin .In terms of economic efficiency, the marketing was efficient. The significant variables influencing the income of the producer-marketers were marketing experience, purchase cost, feed cost, and other variables such as electricity, depreciation and rent. For the sole marketers, the significant variables influencing their income were marketing experience, ages, experience, feed cost and level of formal education. It is recommended that Government should put into consideration the significant variables in policy formulations and provide conducive environment for the private sector to invest in this business in order to address the meat demand of the citizenry.

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