The Development of Blended Learning Media in Math Learning of Senior High School

Juanda BJ, Cut Morina Zubainur, Taufik Fuadi Abidin


This research aims to develop Blended Learning media which is built using Moodle base in such a way as to simplify the process of use in high school math learning by using Research and Development (R & D) research type. The development method used a model designed by Plomp with three stages of research: 1) Preliminary Research, 2) Prototype Phase, and 3) Assessment Phase. Determination of valid and practical Blended Learning media was based on the validation test of the experts and users of teachers and students through a questionnaire. Subjects in this research were selected using purposive sampling technique, who were Mathematics Teachers at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Model Banda Aceh School. Besides the teachers, this research also used tools such as smartphones and laptops. The research instrument consists of two instruments. Individual instruments were used to measure the criteria of validity and practicality. The validity criterion was obtained through the blended learning media validation sheet, while the practicality criteria were obtained through a response questionnaire. The results of this study showed that the acquisition of this research development is as follows: 1) The validity of Blended Learning Media is stated very valid, and 2) Practicalities Blended Learning Media based on user responses, including teacher and student, were expressed very practically. Based on the findings, it can be concluded that Media Blended Learning is very valid and very practical.

Keywords: blended learning, media, Moodle, mathematics.

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