Biochar and Tillage Systems Influenced on Soil Physical Properties

Darusman Darusman, Syahruddin Syahruddin, Syakur Syakur, Manfarizah MAnfarizah


Biochar is known as huge carbon storage in the soil.  In the soil, biochar absorbs CO2 from air and keep them for hundred years.  In addition to prevention, reducing emission and green house effects, Biochar also contributes to soil productivity such as physical and chemical property improvement of the soil. How biochar amends soil physical properties combined with some tillage systems are imperative to find out.  This study aimed to determine the influence of biochar and tillage systems on some soil physical properties. Treatment arranged in a factorial randomized block design with three replications. The treatment of biochar effect consist of four levels; 0, 10,15, and20 t ha-1 Biochar. The tillage systems were three levels; no,minimum, and conventional tillage.The results showed that we found an interaction effect on the biochar application with tillage systemson dried bulk density, soil porosity, and soil permeability.No interaction was found on aggregate stability indexes and soil water holding capacity at water content at -0.3 and -15 bar of water potential (pF 2.54 and 4.2, accordingly).  Biochar amounting of 10 t ha-1 combined with minimum tillage gave significant benefits on soil productivity in terms of dried bulk density, porosity and soil permeability.


Soil Physical Properties, Biochar and Tillage Systems

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