Lathifatuddini Rusdi


This study focused on finding out about students’ opinion of writing activity especially narrative text by using photograph. In conducting this study, the researcher distributed questionnaire in order to get the data. The population were students who took writing class at fourth and sixth semester, the number of them was 185. Meanwhile, the sample was taken from two units as experimental and control class. Both of the classes consists of 29 students. However, the questionnaire was only distributed in the experimental class. The result showed that photograph influenced well in students’ writing. It was proven from the questionnaire result that 50% students felt very pleasure and the rest 50% said they were pleasure of the photograph implementation in narrative writing. Additionally, it was also confirmed  by the students’ respond on the questionnaire about how helpful does photo in their writing task, there were 46% of them felt very helpful and the others 54% students felt helpful. None of them selected negative options on the questions. All in all, the result showed that most of students felt this technique was succeeded helping them to understand the material as well as a good guide in their narrative writing activity.


Students’ perceptions; photograph; narrative text

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