Iskandar Abdul Samad, Siti Sarah Fitriani


Script defence examination (SDE) is an important event for undergraduate students to undertake. In Australia, this examination is not commonly practiced, but in USA, UK, and Indonesia, this examination is a must. The SDE has some genre elements, one of them is generic pattern (GP). Knowing the GP sufficiently is assumed to assist undergraduate students to complete this examination appropriately with a high mark. Discussion on the GP in literature is limited only at doctorate level. The case of limited information of the GP of the SDE at undergraduate level has been questioned by academic communities. To address this inquiry, this paper presents the GP of SDE in state Islamic universities in Indonesia. The data for this study were obtained through multiple observations in two state Islamic universities of two provinces in Indonesia, Aceh and North Sumatera provinces. The GP of the Indonesian state Islamic universities was drawn and is discussed in this paper.


Script defence examination; generic pattern; undergraduate students

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