A'tiah Sakinah binti Abdul Rahman, Raja Nor Safinas Raja Harun


The TPACK model serves as an important role in fostering pedagogical improvement of education in the twenty- first century learning. The use of ICT and technology in twenty first century classroom is an important element that requires a level of knowledge and expertise of teachers in achieving the learning objectives. This study is a systematic literature review about TPACK of 12 journal articles, published between 2011 and 2016. The purpose of the review was to investigate the integration of TPACK among ESL/EFL pre-service teachers in teacher education programs. Expected finding shall serve as an improvised integrated model that covers the gap and enhance the TPACK Curriculum framework. This study provides a number of integral suggestions on for the betterment TPACK Curriculum Framework for pre–service teachers in teacher education programs.


TPACK; technology integration; pre-service teachers; ESL/EFL pre-service teachers

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