Mohd. Harun, Hajarul Aini


The purpose of this descriptive qualitative research was to describe code mixing of Chinese whilst speaking Indonesian by students at Methodist Junior High School. The data were obtained from by listening to the students when they were speaking Indonesian in the classroom, the teachers’ office, in the schoolyard, and in the canteen. The data was collected by using an uninvolved conversation observation technique from March to May 2016. The research results indicated that there were 16 words and phrases frequently code-mixed from Hokkien and Mandarin into Indonesian in oral communication: xie-xie, Laoshe, jao an, cici, koko, mei-mei, ayi, loi, caicien, junyuk, shik fan, hou, mo, you, ‘m moi, and popo. The code mixing was used by the students for expressing gratitude, addressing teachers, addressing male and female friends, inviting friends, saying goodbye, agreeing and disagreeing, informing Moslem teachers about non-halal food, inviting friends to eat during breaks, responding to phatic expression, refusing teacher’s offers, and negotiating.


Code mixing; oral communication; ethnic Chinese; Methodist junior high school students

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