Learning Note-Taking Techniques to Improve Listening Skills

Chalis As'ari


This study was intended to improve the listening skills of third year students in the English Language Education Study Program at Al-Muslim University and to find out their response to the teaching-learning of note-taking techniques and as well to improve the performance of their lecturer. This study used a classroom action research design done in two cycles. The results of the research showed that using the note taking technique was effective in improving the listening skills of the students whose pre-test mean scores of 62  increased to 72 after cycle 1 and then, reached 77 after the end of the second cycle. Furthermore, the results from the observation checklist showed that the percentage of the students participating in the teaching-learning process increased from 71% after the first cycle to 96% at the end of the second cycle which meant that the note taking technique had been successfully introduced with the listening class, and also the lecturer’s performance had improved as well from 72% in the first cycle to reach 97% in the second cycle. Moreover, the results, from the questionnaire, showed that the students responded positively to the teaching-learning of the note taking technique. Thus, based on the results of this study, it is recommended that teaching-[earning of note taking techniques by students  should be introduced by teachers and lecturers as a way to improve the listening compehension skills of their students.


listening skills; note taking techniques; improving teaching-learning

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