Using the Guided Writing Technique to Teach Writing of Analytical Exposition Texts

Bustami Usman, Zahratur Rizki


The objective of this study was to find out whether there was a difference in results from students who were taught analytical exposition text writing through the Guided Writing Technique (GWT) and other students who were taught using a standard way of teaching writing. The English writing skills of the second grade students in a high school in Banda Aceh were unsatisfactory; therefore, it was suggested that a specific treatment or learning process was needed. The study focused on assessment of students being taught to write analytical exposition texts. To achieve the goal of the study, a true experimental design with an experimental group (EG) with 29 students, and a control group (CG) with 28 students was used. The instrument of this study was tests. The data was analyzed through statistics. From the findings of the study, the writing ability of both groups after the treatments was different according to the results from a t-test. These result showed that the t-test was 11.26, whilst the result from the t-table at a level of significance 5% (α=0.05) was 2.0211. So, t-test was higher than t-table (11.26>2.0211). In conclusion, the results from this study showed that there was a significant improvement in skills for writing analytical exposition texts from the EG students taught using the GWT whilst the CG taught by a standard teaching technique for writing did not show such improvement.


Guided Writing Technique (GWT); Writing

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