Teaching Speaking by Applying Pair Work Technique

Rika Mulya


The purpose of this study to investigate the significant difference of speaking performances between students who were taught using pair work technique and students who were not. The method of this study was quantitative experimental. The second grade students of a high school in Banda Aceh were chosen as the sample of this research, which consisted of two classes as the experimental class (EC) and the control class (CG) with 30 students in each class. Tests were used as the instrument in this study. The data was analyzed by using t-score. The result showed that there was a significant difference between the EC and the CC in speaking performances. This was proven by the t-score (2.56) that was higher than the t-table (2.00). Therefore, the hypothesis which stated that there is a significant difference of speaking performance between students who are taught using pair work technique and students who are taught using the conventional technique was accepted. The use of pair work technique in teaching speaking was found to be an effective technique for the EC students in improving their speaking performances. It is suggested that English teachers make use of this technique in teaching speaking to their students, as a variety among the other techniques that can be used in class to teach the same skill.


Pair Work Technique; Speaking

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