An Analysis of Students’ Errors in Writing Descriptive Texts

Afifuddin Afifuddin


The objective of the research was to reveal the types of grammatical errors made by 25 college students who were taking the course of Writing III on descriptive writings. Furthermore, it attempted to identify and describe the error types and then to find out the grammatical error type made the most by those students. To get the data from the field, the researcher asked the students to write about “STAIN Malikussaleh Lhokseumawe”. To analyze the data, the researcher used the model by Miles and Huberman (1994) of qualitative analysis. The data were analyzed through analyzing the grammatical incorrect form of the sentences by marking the errors, reconstructing the correct sentences, classifying the types of errors and counting the errors in order to know the most common type of grammatical error. As the result, the researcher found that the students made 288 errors in their descriptive writings. The errors occurred in all types of errors investigated. They are verb tense, verb form, subject-verb agreement, plural, possessive inflection, definite article, indefinite article, word order, run-on, and fragment. And, the students made the most errors (77 occurrences or 26%) in fragment. The source of errors was also mostly due to interlanguage transfer. Therefore, English teachers should be aware of these findings as an input in their teaching of writing. Teachers can teach students to avoid these common errors in their future writing.


Error Analysis; Descriptive Text; Grammatical Errors

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