Safwandi Safwandi


The teams-games-tournaments technique (TGTT) used in this study are based on the difficulties that students have in mastering the skills of speaking ESL. This technique aims to involve the students in speaking in real life situations. The objective of this study was to investigate if in the mastery of speaking of the students improved after they practiced speaking through TGTT. In order to find out this study used two groups from one sample, an experimental group (EG) and a control group (CG). The EG was taught using TGTT, while the CG was taught by using a traditional technique. Experimental study procedures were followed to collect data for the study with pre-tests and post-tests to collect data. The research findings show that the mean score from the post-test from the EG, 79, was higher than that from the control group, 53. Furthermore, the result of the Z-score revealed that the score of the EG was significantly higher than that from the CG. Thus the data indicated that the students taught by using TGTT achieved significantly better scores in speaking than those taught by using a traditional technique. 


Teaching Speaking; Teams-Games-Tournament Technique

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