Populasi Sapi dan Pendapatan Peternak Sapi di Kecamatan Montasik Aceh Besar

Zulkifli Zulkifli, Amri Amri, Jenny Mulyadi


This study aims to determine the factors that cattles farmers income in Montasik, subdistrict of  Aceh Besar, where the independent variables are capital, sales volume and selling price of beef cattle. The research location is in  Aceh Besar district Montasik 2014. The data used are primary data with interview to ask directly the list of questions (questionnaire) to 71 respondents cattle ranchers who are in Lampaseh Krueng, Reudep and Seumet, District Montasik. The model used in this research is multiple linear regression model with ordinary least square (OLS). Results were analyzed using SPSS version 16 showed that the factors of sales volume and selling prices, and a significant positive effect on the income while the capital factor but not significant positive effect on income. While simultaneously variable capital, sales volume and selling prices affects income. Based on the results of the study are expected to be able to increase the income of farmers, especially in the capital and sales volume factors.

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