The Better Subsurface Imaging Using a Quality Seismic Processing

Muchlis Muchlis, Ibnu Rusydy, Marwan Marwan, Fakhrurrazi Fakhrurrazi, Nurul Aflah, Asrillah Asrillah


Abstract. This study have been conducted to get a better imaging with seismic processing using 2D land reflection data. Some corrections are applied to get pres-stack time migration such as elevation correction, refraction correction, amplitude energy correction, filtering, deconvolution, velocity analysis, residual static correction, and migration process respectively. The final result of the image in time domain shows that many of the changes from the previous reflector that is not on the actual position. However, the result of the seismic picture has been improved in a better understanding to give the subsurface geological structure.

Keywords: 2D land, reflection seismic, migration

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