The Application of Experimental Based Guided Inquiry Model in Human Excretion System Material to Improve Students’ Science Process Skill

Abdullah Abdullah, Khairil Khairil, Nafisah Hanim


Abstract. The aim of this research is to find out the improvement of students’ science process skill through the application of experimental based guided inquiry model in human excretion system. This research was conducted at SMA Negeri 1 Indrapuri Aceh Besar from April to June 2014. It used experimental based guided inquiry method with class of IPA2 (n=25 students) as experiment class and IPA3 (n=25students) as control class. The application of experimental based guided inquiry model was analyzed by using science process skill rubric for the experiment class at the time of experiment and discussion with observationchecklist for control class. The result shows that experimental based guided inquiry model improves science process skill of students of the experiment class. The skill of students of class of IPA2 (n=25students) has improved from enough to very good, while the skill of class of IPA3 (n=25students) has not improved from enough category. It can be concluded that students who were taught by using experimental based guided inquiry model has better science process skill than those were taught by discussion.


Keywords: Experimental Based Guided Inquiry Model, Science Process Skill, Excretion System.

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