Diversity and Potential Exploration of Extremophile from Indonesian Local Isolates

Akhmaloka Akhmaloka


Abstract. Nowday, research on extremophilicmicroorganisme has extensively been carried out since the organisms offer many advantages both for development of basic sciences and industrial application. Indonesia lies in ring of fire with many volcanoes which are rich of hot Spring as natural habitat of extremophilic microorganism. A number of extremophilic microorganisms have been identified from natural sample based on DGGE and ribotyping analysis through both of culture-independent and culture-dependent strategies. Two extremozymenamely DNA Pol I and Lipase have been isolated, cloned, sequenced, and characterize.Bothenzymes which were produced from the local isolate of extremophilic microorganism can be developed to increase scientific knowledge of thermostable and halostable enzyme and applied in biotechnological industry.

Keywords: Extremophile, microorganisme, diversity, DNA Pol I and Lipase


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