Use of Aceh Natural Cristobalite and Chitosan Produced from Shrimp Shells Waste for Heavy Metal Ions Removal from Aqueous Solutions

Rahmi Rahmi, Julinawati Julinawati, Marlina Marlina, Murniana Murniana, Fathurrahmi Fathurrahmi, Yuni Malasari, Arie Purnaratrie, Irwansyah Irwansyah


Abstract. A new type of adsorbent was prepared by using chitosan, produced from shrimp shells waste, and Aceh natural cristobalite. The adsorbent was named cristobalite-chitosan (CrCh). Its properties were investigated using Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and SEM-EDX. In this study, an experimental column packed with CrCh was used to determine the best adsorption conditions. The results showed that the best composition of cristobalite/ chitosan was 87.5% (w/w) and the best particle size of cristobalitewas 50 mesh. Adsorbent with the best composition and particle size was tested to remove Fe ions from aqueous solutions. The adsorption efficiency reached 62.03 % when the ChCr used was 2,5 gram. In this work, chitosan was also modified with glutaraldehyde as a crosslinking agent. Cristobalite-crosslinked chitosan (CrCrCh) showed an increase in the adsorption efficiency, it was 90.50% at pH 4.

Keywords: chitosan; cristobalite; adsorbent; glutaraldehyde

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