Call for Papers

About the Journal

International Journal of Disaster Management (IJDM) is the first online and open access international journal that addresses the issues related to the science and/or application of scientific as well as indigenous knowledge to minimize the potential impact from all types of hazards in ways that reduce the exposure of human activities to risks.

IJDM is a journal where researchers, practitioners and policymakers from various disciplines can publicize the knowledge advancement on the dynamic relationship between human and disaster. Also important to IJDM is the strategies and technology applied in all elements of the disaster management cycle, namely the response, recovery, reconstruction, prevention, mitigation, and preparedness. IJDM new journals are to be published twice a year, in June and December, by the Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) of Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia.

Journal Scope

The journal scope covers a multi-disciplinary approach in the following key topics:

  • Lessons learned on disaster management from past disasters
  • Technology application for disaster response, reconstruction, and mitigation
  • Management of early response, reconstruction, and recovery
  • Disaster education and strategy to increase awareness and preparedness
  • Post-disaster recovery process and strategies
  • Governance in disaster management
  • Early-warning system, technology, and strategies
  • Knowledge Management for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • GIS and Remote Sensing for Disaster Management
  • Community-Based Disaster Management
  • Climate Risk Management
  • Environmental Aspect in Disaster
  • Natural Hazards coupled with Technological Failures
  • Children Protection and Participation in Disaster Management
  • Local and Indigenous Knowledge for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Numerical Analysis for Disaster Management Supports 

Submission Procedure

Authors are kindly invited to submit full-text papers of their original scientific works in English including results, tables, figures and references to IJDM.

The total number of words of the entire article content should be within 3000 - 5000 words.

We highly suggest non-English-native authors to have their articles proofread prior to submission.

The submitted articles will be peer-reviewed according to the internationally accepted ethical standards of scientific publication.

We highly suggest non-English-native authors to have their articles proofread prior to submission

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