Author's Guidelines

1. The written manuscript is the original result of research in the field of chemistry or chemistry education and has never been published before.

2. The manuscript is typed in 1 space using Arial letters, 11 pts on A4 paper, a maximum of 20 pages. Top margin = 3 cm, left, right, bottom = 2 cm.

3. Manuscripts are sent through the Online Journal System. If you don't have an account, please register here

4. The manuscript is written in English with the following conditions: title, author's name, abstract along with keywords, introduction, method, results and discussion, conclusion, and references.

5. The title is written in capital letters with a font size of 14 pts, not more than 20 words.

6. The name of the author of the article is written without an academic degree, followed by the name of the institution or affiliation and placed under the title of the article. Authors must include e-mail and correspondence addresses.

7. Abstract and keywords are written in one space of no more than 200 words and followed by keywords with a maximum of 5 words. Abstract describes the essence of the objective, research methods, research results, and conclusions.

8. Introduction includes a description of the background to the problem, the scope of the research, and literature review related to the research topic, as well as the formulation of hypotheses (if any). A maximum of 20% of the total pages.

9. The method includes a detailed description of the materials used, the method chosen, the technique, and the scope of the study. Maximum description is 15% of the total page.

10. Results and discussion is an objective description of the research results and discussion. Description of results and discussion of a minimum of 40% of the total page.

11. Conclusion contains research findings which are answers to the formulation of research problems. The conclusions should be written briefly, concisely and clearly.

12. Reference List is written in accordance with the IEEE Style