Metode Rational Unified Process untuk Pengembangan Aplikasi Web dan Mobile (Studi Kasus Sistem Informasi Tanaman Obat Daerah Gorontalo)

Mukhlisulfatih Latief, Novri Kandowangko, Rampi Yusuf


The insufficiency of information to the society regarding the utilization and benefits of the Gorontalo area of medicinal plants led to a lack of utilization of medicinal plants in this area. Besides cheap, Gorontalo’s medicinal plants can also overcome various kinds of diseases. Nevertheless, the data of medicinal plants had not been well managed and had not been documented and stored digitally. This research aims to develop information systems in web applications and mobile Gorontalo’s medicinal plant’s data. RUP (Rational Unified Process) using the concept of a Unified Modelling Language (UML) is used in the method of designing a system that consists of a Use case diagrams, Activity diagrams, and Class diagrams. Programming language using PHP with the concept of OOP (object oriented programming) as a backend for web applications and the IONIC framework as a frontend for mobile applications. The results indicate that the application can organize the data of medicinal plant and also display the data and search for medicinal plants based on specific disease.


Web and mobile application; Gorontalo’s medicinal plants

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