Dilla Tri Novita, Ahmad Syai, Tengku Hartati


This research is entitled Various Forms of Suntêng Dara Baroe in Banda Aceh City. The formulation of the problem of this research is how the various forms of baroe suntêng in Banda Aceh City. The purpose of this study is to describe information about how different forms of suntê virgin baroe in the city of Banda Aceh. This study used descriptive qualitative method. The research subjects were Mursyidah (senior artist in Banda Aceh City), Khairunnisa (Museum manager of Rumoh Aceh) and Mukhirah (Lecturer of PKK FKIP Unsyiah). While the objects studied in this study are the various forms of suntoe virgin baroe in the city of Banda Aceh. Data collection in this research was carried out through interviews, observations and documentation. The data analysis technique is data reduction, presenting data in the form of descriptions and drawing conclusions. The results showed that the current variety of suntê dara baroe in the city of Banda Aceh is still quite well maintained. The several types of suntêng are Cucok Ok (Bun Skewers), Culok Ok (Skewers Bun), Culok Ok Caterpillar Sangkadu (Skewers Circular Like a Caterpillar), Ceukam Sanggoy Bungong Keupula / Bungong Tajok (Skewers of Tanjung Flowers), Kembang Goyang, Kembang Goyang, Ayeum Gumbak and Preuk-preuk. Despite this, most people prefer the use of modified suntê dara baroe. This is due to the lack of public knowledge of the various forms of original suntêng. Also coupled with the modification efforts by the bridal makeup that exceeded the 30% requirement in producing a more beautiful form of suntêng to attract the attention of the community to the services they have.

Keywords: variety, Suntêng form.

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