The review process for papers

The review process for papers

Blind Peer Review

All manuscripts submitted to Jurnal Teknik Sipil are subject to a single-blind peer review process. One manuscript will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. In some cases, where the opinion from the two reviewers are significantly different to each other, the chief editor will assign another reviewer.  We consider that using anonymous peer reviewer system will allow the reviewers to share their objective and honest opinions on the manuscripts. We require that peer reviewers not contact authors directly throughout the peer review process. Identity of the reviewers will stay unknown to the authors even for until the paper published or rejected.  Reviewers will be given one month to review the assigned paper. One form of the review will be received by each of the reviewer, plus an essay form where the reviewer could raise their questions, suggestions, or critics to the paper. Assessment of the reviewer is mainly based on originality of the paper, novelty, and significant findings/results written in the paper.

Decision on the paper will be made by editor or editor-in-chief based on inputs or opinions received from the reviewers. There are four categories of the review decision, i.e. accepted without correction, minor corrections, major corrections, and rejected. All of these four criteria will be based on the reviewers input/opinion plus assessment made by editor/editor-in-chief.

For major revision, all authors will be given at maximum 3 months to revise their manuscript. Revised manuscript will undergo another round of review process with the same two reviewers in the first round review process.  The second round review process will take about 3 weeks.

Decision from the editor-in-chief will be informed to authors accompanied by comments from the reviewers.

The Review Guidelines

The Review Guidelines will provide reviewers with criteria for judging a submission's suitability for publication in the journal, and can include any special instructions for preparing an effective and helpful review.

To be accepted and published in Jurnal Teknik Sipil Universitas Syiah Kuala, the manuscript must meet the selection criteria which will be explained below:

  1. The manuscript has never been published before and not in consideration for publication elsewhere at the same time. The authors must ensure this in their cover letter/email.
  2. The title must be precise, brief and concise
  3. Name of authors should be clearly stated, followed by affiliation of the authors.
  4. The abstract describes the content of the article. The Abstract should be written in two languages, i.e. English and Indonesia. The number of words in the abstract should be between 250-350 words.
  5. The abstracts should be followed by 4 to 7 keywords.
  6. The aim of the study must be explicitly stated in the abstract and in Introduction part of the manuscript;
  7. The literatures/ bibliography must consist at minimum 15 journal references from the latest 5 years publication.
  8. Citation in the text must be consistent with References. An excessive self-citation is prohibited.
  9. All parts of the manuscript should be aligned to each other. For example, methods should be consistent to the objective of the research and the findings provided. Also, conclusions must be  based on the findings explained in the Result section.
  10. The manuscript is in appropriate length (within 3,000-4,000 words).
  11. The diagram, pictures, and illustration must be presented in clear forms to enable readers to understand correctly messaged conveyed in the diagram/figure/graph.

Principle of Recruiting Reviewers

  1. Hold Doctoral Degree
  2. Have expertise in the field area proven from at least three publications at related field at peer-reviewed journals, or a member of a professional organization related to civil engineering fields.
  3. Have published at least 1 (one) article as first author or corresponding author, or 3 articles as member author on an Indonesian accredited journal in the last 5 years
  4. Affiliated to one permanent institution or university, either in Indonesia or at overseas.
  5. Have no conflict of interest to the assigned paper and willing to conduct an independent and objective review.