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JRTP is the official journal from the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah), Banda Aceh-Indonesia. It covers and devotes a complete and interdisciplinary wide range of research and review in engineering applications for agriculture and biosystems: agricultural machinery, soil and water engineering, tillage, precision farming, post-harvest technology, agricultural instrumentation, sensors, bio-robotics, systems automation, processing of agricultural products and foods, quality evaluation and food safety, audit energy, waste treatment and management, environmental control, energy utilization agricultural systems engineering, bio-informatics, computer simulation, farm work systems and mechanized farming. Authors should submit the manuscript file written by MS Word through a web site or editor’s email. The manuscript must be approved by all authors prior to submission if required.


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Vol 10, No 1 (2017): Volume 10, No. 1, April 2017

Table of Contents


Ichwana Ichwana, Zulkifli Nasution, Agus Arip Munawar
Risman Hanafi, Kiman Siregar, Diswandi Nurba
Feri Arlius, Fadli Irsyad, Delvi Yanti
Fazzatul Rahmi, Zulfahrizal Zulfahrizal, Kiman Siregar
Feri Arlius, Eri Gas Ekaputra, Delvi Yanti
Indera Sakti Nasution
Muhammad Makky, Leo Saputra Napitu, Khandra Fahmy