Coffee Company Performance In Aceh : The Indusstry Attractiveness, Knowledge Management And The Formulation Of Competitive Strategy, Partnership And Its Implication

Hendra Syahputra, Muhammad Adam


This paper examined the influence of knowledge management and industry environment on coffee company performance in Aceh using competitive strategy and partnership variables as the intervening variable. It utilizes quantitative model which was conducted through descriptive and verified survey (causal relationship) which are subsequently applied in the formulation and examination of the developed hypotheses. The data was collected from the questionnaires spread to 600 top, middle and operational level managers as the observation units of 510 selected companies and was analyzed using Structural Equation Model (SEM) and processed using SEM Amos Ver. 22.0 software. This finding shows  empirical evidence that the using of knowledge management variable and Industrial Organization View (IO/V) approach through industry environment variable and intervening variable, competitive strategy and partnership, as the performance booster for organization in the context of coffee industry is relatively new.

Keywords—Knowledge management, Industry environment, Competitive strategy, Partnership, Coffee company performance, Knowledge management, Coffee Firm

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