Hepatoprotective Effect of Leaf Ethanolic Extract Etlingera hemisphaerica Blume to Recovery Mercuric Chloride Toxicity on Mice

Aceng Ruyani, Dinisari Muthmainnah, Rendi Zulni Eka Putri, Tria Yulisa, Agus Sundaryono


The previous study revealed that leaf ethanolic extract Etlingera hemisphaerica Blume (LE3H) is potentially to decrease blood glucose and triglyceride levels on Mus musculus with hyperglycemia and hypertriglyceridemia respectively. This research was intended to investigate hepatoprotective effect of LE3H to recovery HgCl2 toxicity in M. musculus. The total of experimental animals was 95 male M. musculus. Both treatment and control animals received drink and feed ad libitum, then the animals were killed by cervical dislocation (CD). Two test materials; LE3H (0.13, 0.26, 0.39 mg/g bw) were treated by gavage and HgCl2 (5 mg/kg bw) was administrated by gavage or intraperitoneal injection. Livers were separated after CD, and their color, weight, and volume were observed. The livers were fixed, planted in paraffin, sliced, and stained to generate a liver histology. HgCl2 appeared a "special red" liver difference from the "wine" control, this color could be recovered by 0.39 mg/g bw LE3H treatment. The triple dosage of 0.39 mg/g bw LE3H tend to restore the weights, meanwhile HgCl2 and LE3H increased significantly liver volume. The dosage of 0.39 mg/g bw LE3H treatment was tend to reduce the liver weight caused-HgCl2 as well as the control. Histological observation indicated that HgCl2 in swelling of the tissue and a decrease in the extracellular space compared with the control, and then finally the symptoms was protected by 0.39 mg/g bw LE3H treatment. It should be concluded that LE3H indicates hepatoprotective effect to recovery HgCl2 toxicity on M. musculus.

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