Motilitas Ascaridia galli Dewasa dalam Larutan Ekstrak Etanol Biji Palem Putri (Veitchia merrillii)

Ummu Balqis, Darmawi Darmawi, Maryam Maryam, Muslina Muslina, Abdullah Hamzah, Razali Daud, Muhammad Hambal, Rinidar Rinidar, Abdul Harris, Muttaqien Muttaqien, Azhar Azhar, Eliawardani Eliawardani


ABSTRAK. Tujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui motilitas Ascaridia galli dewasa dalam ekstrak etanol biji Veitchia merrillii. Ekstrak etanol V. merrillii dianalisis fitokimia. Sebanyak 16 ekor cacing A. galli dewasa dibagi kedalam empat kelompok. Cacing pada kelompok pertama adalah kelompok tanpa perlakuan. Cacing pada kelompok kedua diberi 0,6 mg/ml levamisole. Cacing pada masing-masing kelompok ketiga dan keempat diberi 50 dan 100 mg/ml crude ekstrak biji V. merrillii. Motilitas A. galli ditentukan dalam skor persentase setelah 12, 24, 36 jam dengan menggunakan kriteria: 3 (badan bergerak), 2 (hanya sebagian badan bergerak), 1 (tidak bergerak tetapi masih hidup), 0 (mati). Hasil fitokimia V. merrillii mengandung alkaloids, saponins, tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids. Ekstrak biji V. merrillii dosis 100 mg/ml secara in vitro dapat mempersingkat selama 12 jam waktu motilitas cacing A. galli dewasa. Penelitian ini mengindikasikan potensi anthelmintik berbasis herbal untuk pengendalian A. galli


(Motility of Ascaridia galli adult worms in vitro in ethanolic extracts of Nuts Veitchia merrillii

ABSTRACT. The purpose of this research was to know the motility of Ascaridia galli adult worms in aqueous ethanolic extracts of nuts Veitchia merrillii. The ethanolic extract of the V. merrillii was analyzed. Amount of sixteen head A. galli adult worms were divided into four groups. The first group, worms were left as un-treated normal controls. The second group, worms were treated with concentrations of 0,6 mg/ml levamisole. The third and fourth group, worms were treated with crude aqueous ethanolic extract of 50 and 100 mg/ml concentrations nuts of the V. merrillii, respectively. Motility of A. galli were determined after 12, 24, 36 hour by mean of persentage scored using the following criteria: 3 (moving whole body), 2 (moving only parts of the body), 1 (immobile but alive), and 0 (died). The result of phytochemical V. merrillii contains alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, tannins, and terpenoids. V. merrillii nuts extract concentrations of 100 mg/ml in vitro can shorten the time motility A. galli adult worms for 12 hours. The study indicated the potential for developing herbal-based anthelmintics to control A. galli.


veitchia merrillii; Ascaridia galli; motilitas; anthelmintik; motility; anthelmintics

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