Uji Formulasi Pupuk Beryodium Terhadap Kandungan Yodium Dan Hasil Tanaman Pada Beberapa Jenis Tanaman Di Daerah Endemik Gondok

I.N. Gde Arya


Test of Iodine Formula Fertilizers to Plant Yield and Iodine Content of Crops in Goiter Endemic Area

ABSTRACT. The research aims to get iodized fertilizer formula which is capable to improve iodine rate in crop that lasted from May to September 2007. The field experiment was conducted in Baturiti, Tabanan Regency. The formula tested of iodized fertilizer represents field experiment using one factor simple randomized completely block design (RCBD) by using 15 fertilizer formulas combination treatment. Iodized fertilizer formulas of which main material is KI as source of iodine was combined with fertilizer of Urea, ZA, and phonska as source of nitrogen. Each formula was added which organic fertilizer, such as Kascing, Compost, cow manure, and chicken manure. Fertilizer doses used as a treatment was 10 kg I, 138 kg N, 60 kg P, 60 kg K, and 5 ton organic fertilizer ha-1. Generally, iodized fertilizer formulas that was used as a treatment could improve iodine content in crops. There were no significant influence among the iodized fertilizer formulas to crop iodine content and plant yield, except it was compared to crops iodine content and yield which was without treatment (control). The iodine content in crop increased to 500-700% with iodized fertilizer formulas. After being given fertilizer dose treatment 10 kg I, 138 kg N, 60 kg P, 60 kg K, and 50 ton organic fertilizer ha-1, iodine content of each crop are as follows mustard greens 514.57-539.36 μg kg-1, cabbage 527.19-545.10 μg kg-1, cassava leaf 445.40-458.34 μg kg-1, and corn grain 220.53-223.18 μg kg-1, respectively.


plant iodine content; goiter endemic; and iodine fertilizer

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