Pemodelan Lahan Basah Potensial Berdasarkan Indeks Topografi di Bretagne, Prancis

Helena Ariesty, Blandine Lemercier, Lionel Berthier, Roh Santoso, Satyanto K. Saptomo


ABSTRACT. Keberadaan lahan basah merupakan sumberdaya alam yang sangat penting untuk mendukung keanekaragaman hayati. Topografi dan geomorfologi memainkan peranan penting dalam pengembangan lahan basah dan merupakan faktor pengembangan model lahan basah. Identifikasi lahan basah dapat digunakan sebagai dasar penentuan pengembangan prioritas berbasis aspek sosioekonomi dan teknis. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menduga luasnya potensi lahan basah pada daerah Bretagne. Untuk mengembangkan penelitian tersebut, digunakan 10 peta DAS di daerah Bretagne, Perancis. Untuk mengidentifikasi lahan basah potensial berdasarkan hidromorf tanah digunakan dengan 4 metode kriteria, yaitu: identifikasi hidromorfi, indeks perhitungan topografi, perhitungan ambang, dan validasi. Metode ambang yang digunakan antara peta lahan dan indeks topografi menunjukkan kondisi yang sama. Kita menggunakan metode ambang dan validasi dengan menggunakan 120 kombinasi peta lahan. Hasil indeks topografi adalah 4,7 dan semuanya dapat digunakan di seluruh wilayah Brittany.


The Modelling Wetlands Potential Based on Topography Index in Bretagne, France

ABSTRACT. Wetlands represent an important natural resource which supports natural biodiversity. Topography and geomorphology play a major role for the development of wetlands and are decisive factors for modeling wetlands extension. The importance of identifying wetlands, can be used as a basis for determining the development priorities that will be based on technical and socioeconomic aspects The objective of this research was to predict the spatial extent of potential wetlands in Brittany, France from a topographic index calibrated on a set of 10 detailed soil maps. In identifying potential wetlands, it based on soil hydromorph which conducted by method 4 criteria. The following four stages of analysis were respectively categorized: identification hidromorphy, calculation topographic index, calculation of threshold, and validation. A threshold method was conducted between soil maps and topographic index to indicate the similarity condition. We use for threshold and validation a new way using 120 combination of soil maps. The result of topographic index was 4.7 and it was applied for all Brittany.


lahan basah potensial; tanah hidromorf; ambang; indeks topografi; analisis spasial; potential wetlands; hydromorphic soil; threshold; topographic index; spatial analysis

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