Keragaman Jalur Harapan Kedelai di Lahan Pasang Surut

Yardha Yardha, M. Muchlish Adie


Performance of Several Soybean Promissing Lines Grown Tidal Swamp Areas

ABSTRACT. Jambi soybean is one the soybean production centers of tidal swamp areas. This trial was aimed at evaluating of several soybean promising lines and selecting the most adaptable to tidal swamp growing areas in Jambi Province. There were 12 promising lines and 4 control varieties tested were G100H/SHR-60-38, SHR60/G100H-70, SHR60/G100H-75, G100H/TGM-D-1-3,G100H/TGM-D-1-16, MYP/G100H-D-2, and MYP/G100H-D-6. The control varieties were Wilis, Kaba, Anjasmoro, and Tanggamus. The trial was located at farmer’s field at Desa Bandar Jaya, Kecamatan Rantau Rasau, Tanjung Jabung Timur District, Jambi Province frol April to September 2008. The crop was grown at standard cultural practices for soybean with planting distance 40 by 15 cm and two seed per hole. Variables collect were germination rate, days to flower, plant height, days to maturity, number of productive branches, percentage of fertile seeds, one hundred seed weight, yield, pest, and disease infection. Result showed that all of tested lines and varieties had fairly good adaptation at tidal swamp growing areas. There were two lines which gave yield above 2 t/ha, namely G100H/SHR-60-38 (2.10 ton ha-1) and G100H/SHR60-34 (2.04 ton ha-1). Yield of these line is comparable to yield of control variety Tanggamus (2.07 ton ha-1). The two lines have better agronomic traits of compared to Tanggamus, namely bigger seeds and mature earlier.


Soybean; Potency; adaptability; produced; technology

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