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Bio Statement Each year, gaming fans also wait in peace for the major gaming announcements about the newest and latest games. E3 is widely known, but there are still plenty of different events occurring all year long. Just read on and looking forward to them so that you can always stay updated to the active gaming world. Here, we’ve compiled 3 most significant gaming events that should be marked on the 2018 end’s calendar. Let’s wait for the best gaming information from them, especially news about online games browser.

Welcome to the gaming world!
1. Nintendo Direct
Gamers can look forward to this event every 2-3 months on the Internet. At these periods of time, Nintendo will start their live-stream series, which are a great must-watch event for all gaming fans. There, all the latest game reveals and others important announcements are published. Estimated in the year 2017, 10 Nintendo Direct events were held with this year big Switch game launches including Arms, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
Nintendo Directs aren’t held in specific dates during the year; however, they will announce the live-stream day some days before their on-air time. Each stream will last up to an hour.   Nintendo fans always expect that the Nintendo Directs in the last months of 2018 will focus more on the Switch games and platformers. Just keep your attention!
2. The Game Awards

The event to recognize the successful games
This award event will happen in December in Los Angeles. This is an annual event founded by Geoff Keighley to recognize the contribution of the games around the year. Around four years since the first event, The Game Awards has quickly become an inevitable juggernaut for fans. The 2017 special show attracted about 11.5 million audiences thanks to the awards and game reveals and trailers. Here, gaming fans can hear the official debuts of free online games no downloads too. 
The show will be on air for about three hours with a wide variety of popular gaming developers debuting their new products. In The Game Awards, viewers can expect more than just the game awards. Let’s look for this year’s events.
3. PlayStation Experience (PSX)
Welcome to Paris, the PlayStation Experience in early December this year. This is annually held by Sony. Planned to operate a press conference in the fall, PSX was then launched. Along with Paris Games Week, this event remains one of the largest Sony’s events since they have changed a lot to draw the attention from many.

Don’t miss this show!
PlayStation VR keen fans now get their looks at a lot of amazing games on their first debuts. This U.S. fan convention offers Sony the chance to give all major announcements. Let’s look for news of free mobile online games no download debuted and excitement from the gaming world in this show this year. Cheers!