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Hey, Shane! How ya doin'?Doing great driving right now. I'm on A road trip with a couple homies, filming and shooting for the rest of the Nike movie part.There is no real destination on this trip. What is your present living situation?My living situation is catchy. I have list of different types of skateboards.

 I am home six or seven dudes at the moment, but I am currently moving intoa house that is different from this place together with the skatepark. What was it like growing up skating in Melbourne? Skating in Melbourne was super great because It's not like LA where you move anywhere to the suburbs from the center of town. Backin Melbourne, you go to the city where you meet up and you go from there. It's cool growing up like that because you understandwhat it is like to be from the city and how to get anyplace.

 It is kind of like skating in New York, but maybe not as significant.Everyone is mellow and of you're skating, the disposition is different. Who are some of the favorite Australian Skateboarders, past and present? It was He was on Globe, although this skateboarder who -- I can not really explain him back in the afternoon. As current dayfavorites, we have Chima, Lewis Mameli, Nate Jackson, Josh Pall for--the list just goes on. Do you draw on inspiration?A lot of inspiration came from Lewis Way he approached and processed filming his video parts. I learned a lot from the way.

Were there some skate videos which you watched As you skate? Did you want to go outside and learn the same tricks and then everwatch a part? I never believed that way for a child. I never saw Then and a trick wanted to do it; I loathed people's skating. Maybe in somekind of way when I watched Paul in In Bloom or Koston's role in Yeah Right! , I thought that the technical kind of skating wasvery cool. I feel like that is what kind of shaped my thought process. What was your skateboard?It was this skateshop in Australia. That was the first board I skated on, but I had this board using a fishtail prior to that. Ican't remember what it was, however. From the time I got it, it did not have a picture on it anymore. How did you begin skating?I was around ten years old and this kid down Road from me quit skating and turned 18.

He had this particular box with thisparticular setup, which had been the PSC board I got and a edge on it. He gave everything since I would go and watch him skate.Together with the box and board, he gave me The End and Sight Unseen. I don't know if he knows that I skate, or why he stopped,but he hooked up me. I wasn't getting anything and that I did not have money to find anything, so that it helped me out. Well, getting all the things helped, But what caused you to keep skating? Frankly, for me, I had a youth, Like, a upbringing. When I started skating at ten years old, I attempt to skate around and wouldcatch a train to where. I began to have some pals that were proper. I understand lots of skaters can sense for this: you have yourbuddies and your school friendsafter some time you understand that your skateboarding buddies are your homies that are actual.

Itwas an escape for me. I only wanted to get away and go tubing to not be about the things I was about. I never wondered what keptme skating, only that it kept my mind busy. The effort you put in as a child is insane, if you consider it. Now it's so easy to drive everywhere and I try Not to take advantage of that. When did you make the move?It was a gradual thing. I had been coming to The US since I was 14, on and off. I had to begin spending more time here as soon asI got a visa about 2009. I finished up the remainder of college and then made the movement. By the time I moved I felt like I wasliving here. I never thought of it just like a choice. Everything just progressed without thought. Was it difficult trying to find a location here Being a foreigner, not having credit and all that? It wasn't too difficult because this was about nine Years ago.

I'd stay with Torey, Andy Netkin, Dan Abadi and then I received.Locating homes has been very easy. Ilived and stayed in The Valley. If I wanted to live in Hollywood or something it wouldn't havebeen so easy. Are you a citizen now?No, I am still on a visa.I mean, I am convinced it's not hard for you to Renew that visa, though. I believe after this visa, although I could renew I will just get a green card my daughter will be living here. Do you remember who your very first host was? I do. It is hard to say, though, because I had been Never sponsored by anybody for a short time. This board firm named Deviceflowed me the other clothing company and some boards called H20 sent me things.

 I was sponsored by either of them, therefore Ireally don't understand. But I figure my actual sponsor was Nike. How did you get noticed residing in Australia?Australia is a little different States. Like I said before, you go into Melbourne, meet everybody and that's kinda how it goesfrom there. Back then, when you old, you visit some contests that are under-14 and perform well in anything or these. I was justfilming and skating when I was a little kid. We made something like ten homie videos just as little children. That is just kind ofhow it goes. The getting noticed thing is definitely a mindset that sort of only lives in the States. So in Australia this Kind of thing Occurs naturally? You're just friends with individuals and it Kind of just goes from there.

There's nothing wrong with it either way; it differenthere. Who was the plank that is American sponsor?That's another question that is tricky. I was on flow For Almost, through Hardcore Distribution in Australia, which was that Lewisgot on and everything was cool. We did a trip. I was on since I had been but only in Australia. I then went on a bunch ofexcursions with Daryl Angel, filming to the Debacle movie, and one people mentioned something about Skate Mental. I likedeverything and the graphics. Skate Mental was the first board firm I was fully on the team for.

 I would've ridden forNearly--Lewis was on, Torey was my friend that was great and everything was great, but they were sort of just lurking around. Atthe point in time, I had been getting supplies and I am appreciative that they would offer something to mepersonally, but I neverfelt the need to rush into anything. I wanted to pick something that I would like. Can you have a place on Skate Mental from the Were, or get-go you just floating around for a bit? Yeah, I was straight on. I don't know if Daryl Said it or when it was a shared thing, but I had a lot of footage in the time andthey made the Am Chowder video.

I gave them footage for this if I'd a Skate Mental board in that whole part, but I do know. Priorto the movie was outside, in fact, I could not have gotten a package. Do you feel like Almost was angry when that Happened or did they understand? That's what: I wasn't ever really on Almost. I was only kinda on flow. I just had to tell the people that I went to switch it up.It wasn't really anything. Quitting or switching a host to me--so that it's not the easiest thing to do I have not done it manytimes. However, it was not a ordeal. I hadn't done anything or filmed clips with them or anything. I wasn't the flow kid that theyemployed for everything. Nowadays it's kind of crazy.

You may be in clip or every video however, you won't fully be on. After moving pro and being loyal to them for You left your Shane Goes part to Skate Mental at a way that was respectfully to get alocation on Primitive decades. What sparked the huge group change? It's not what is and a matter Cool, but bottom line, with being expert for five or six years having some things which havehappened and being at this stage in life--especially with having a child--I am only hoping to make more mature decisions with whatI had been doing for the remainder of my livelihood. I simply thought honestly that it was time for a shift. Besides needing toquit because Brad's been nothing but great for me personally, however, what pushed me wasn't a decision or anything life alteringpersonally, this change didn't really effect anything for me. I all of the time. Create videos with a firm and I need to be in.That is where I am at in this point of skating.

 Nothing dramatic happened. Was it a tough decision?For sure. I filmed that whole video for Skate Mental and Thrasher. It was not 'til a couple of months after that that I reallystarted thinking about the choice. It was pretty arbitrary. It had been although it wasn't like I was considering it for quite awhile. I am very happy with the choice I made. Brad's still the guy, Skate Mental is doing awesome and not having me is different. Who came up with the graphic, your First model? This was a bit of a concerted effort.

 I Believe that the Person who was into it was Paul since he was on the receiving end of oneof those Skate Mental Denied graphics. I had the picture that had Paul and me denying his telephone. This was kind of just aspin-off of exactly what Brad had done. He did not mind at all. I wish it wasn't the first graphic, though, since it looked like adiss and moved out kind of wrong. I believe the video was come out prior to by that the ad from the magazine, and it looked likeit had been the first thing found of this statement.

It kind of looked like there was beef. The spider transparency board wasreleased at the same time, although it looked like it was the picture I put out. The Primitive team is pretty mad, Especially with the new flow kids. What's it like going on trips with the rest of the team? It's the funniest shit ever. Spanish Mike and Paul are just two nuts. You do not see that in the videos 'cause we are not filminghow mad it is. We've got a time that is fantastic and also the best part, to me, is that of the skaters that we have on the teamand skate with all really want to do it. They want to be there; they would like to be filming.

It's not like a team the others arejust sitting there lurking and do not want to be there and where half of them are going for this. It is enjoyable and really coolfor me to be about a trip in which everyone will go beyond and above in a presentation. I've seen it. It looks like everyone is Enjoying themselves and having a fantastic time. Yeah, everybody is insane. However, Paul has been on This thing recently where he is completely figured out exactly what he wantsto be doing. He's not in contests. He street skates because that's what he wishes to perform. He's trying to utilize these goldenyears of the body and street skate. I would've never guessed that he would have done that. You ride to get a true skater-owned board brand But have a significant shoe brand backing you.

 What are your thoughts on the largecompanies coming in and encouraging skateboarding? That question goes two ways, as that If he did not ride for one of the brands, board brand would not exist from a true skater. Insaying that, I have been on Nike since I was 13 years old and they've been nothing short of amazing to me, helping me withwhatever is happening in my career. As far as the businesses along with them coming into skating they can hire and help as manyskaters. I don't really get into that type of argument. Because I am in the center of it it's hard for me personally to reallyhave an opinion.

However, I understand that it's easy to blame somebody else that is doing really well. What could you say That taking these contracts is currently selling out? The thing about it is, let us just say Mr. No-name skates right, to get skateboards review?

He is on the company, been there fora long time, is an incredible skater. Let us say the next month he happens to get on the big corporate shoe brand. Everybody seesthat as,"Fuck that big corporate company," but the simple fact of the matter is, the skater is that the person who went and didthat. They made that decision. The majority of the time it's the skater. Like the corporate business is out to throw all the timeto these folks, it is nothing.

I mean, I'm sure it occurs, when you visit one of those change to business that is large, but themajority of the time, it is because they desired that contract. They have a child with a house that they need to pay, or live away of life for, so that they do what they need to do. Everyone sees it but the organization is merely helping that individual.These people are not quitting for no reason, possibly--things are currently occurring. Again, because I am in the middle of it allit's really hard for me to say but it's a bummer regardless that it has to be like that. How does it feel from becoming this arbitrary going Child to being great friends like Koston with your skaters and sharing acompany?

They two of the greatest skaters Ever, but they're also people. Back when I was 13 in the day when Paul arrived to Australia on aNike excursion, it would be me before anybody was even up and him skating flatground. I viewed him . With these men, myexperiences have been honest and incredible. After all the years it's only me knowing how great of folks they are -- although it'scrazy for me consider it -- with who they are skateboarders. They have helped me a great deal. Can you think your career could function as Inspiration? I really don't know if it is an inspiration but I Would expect that they would realize, especially now, you could be anywhere.Back when I was coming up, you couldn't only be anywhere. But you could be a pro skater and reside anywhere while still doing yourjob. There's endless opportunities.

I hope they see it the ideal way. I try to not do any things that are stupid. Children areimpressionable, although about being an inspiration again, I don't know and they do exactly what you do. I try to keep it PG.There's a whole lot of skaters between the ages of ten and 13 and exactly what do you really wish to be demonstrating them? In previous interviews you've mentioned that People don't know exactly what you've been. Are both of your parents around? What wasyour situation like growing up? Ah, no. After I was born up until I had been 13,1 Lived with my mom. I moved to lots of things happened before and after theexcursion and a Quiksilver excursion, so then I started staying with my grandmother.

My grandmother is the best person on theplanet. Her letting me change my entire life and stay with her around was really amazing. I lived for a few years with her,completing high school, coming out to do anything I had been doing. From the time I was 18 or 19,1 was forth and back fromMelbourne and also her place and then made the move over here. Was your grandma supportive of you skating? One-hundred percent. When I was young, She just told me that if I was planning to live with her that I needed to go to school. Forher, I went to school, which was the normal thing to do and after school I would be outside skating, going filming at night.

Shedidn't really know much but she was, for example, "That is cool," I was making a little bit of money and helping out her. I trulysaw what could maybe happen, but I don't think her although she had been supportive of it. I was skating and loving it. What does she think about your career?She thinks it is wonderful. I'm sure with most Grandparents, if you are doing the right thing, they're into it. She's happy thatI've got a lot of people around me and that I am happy. How can you get planks, boards or product, Not being able to manage it? That's the thing: I began getting Nike boxes When I was around 13 years old. But before that I had maybe three pairs of shoes togetting on Nike, of skating since the outset. I never purchased shoes. I won them in local contests and stuff. I didn't haveanything before I went to these little weekend contests with my friends. When I started getting stuff I kinda stopped doingcontests all together.

 I stopped visiting competitions from 15 up until about 20, up till I started hockey in Street League. Iwent to two or one Tampa Ams, and that's it for contests that were am. I didn't feel as though it was the ideal thing. Can you state not having those things readily Available gave you a drive to pursue skating? That gave anybody that has to and me Go through that a stronger drive, because you have already taken the assignment to goeverywhere on the train.

You can drive about when you get to where you can find a car and getting is simple. Any assignment youget into, it is simple for you 'cause you have already done it before. It looks like nothing. If I went from being a child thatwas pushed to each skatepark, then I am 18 and obtainedta catch the train two hours in Spain to a weird spot and that I did notunderstand anything about towns or didn't have street smarts, it would be really weird. Growing up that way, to me personally,could not have been any greater. I learned what is necessary to make shit happen, I guess. You said that those are competitions Were necessary or what you wanted to perform. What is your general take on contests?

 I moved from age 15 to two or one Tampa Ams to 20, and I didn't do anything. If I wasn't able to be without doing decently, whichis not simple, being able to keep up with road skating have fun and to fuck around, I feel as if I would not be in thosecompetitions. But at this point it's more, like, why wouldn't I? I mean, sure, should I do not win, that is cool, whatever andmiss a few tricks. Next! But of course it has helped my career it's given me vulnerability and my patrons love it. It is just. Doit, if you would like to go down this street and do it, but it's not necessary. You can be a professional skater and never do acontest. That is just how it goes, although you may need to perform a few demos. You may be whatever skater that you want to be.

 Can you do you really have an or take them Apathetic attitude towards them? It is not that I take it however I Definitely go there to do what I could do. I would go to them when I did not believe I would dookay in some of them. That would only be a waste of time. Why wouldn't I kick it and play pool or just skate my backyard? I reallydon't need to be in front of 10,000 people running around like a circus. I'm gonna if I am there, attempt. Like if visit apresentation, I am gonna to find some children 'cause they came out and wanted to see us skate, attempt. I'm not planning to takeit just to go to have these people pay a $5,000 entree fee, whatever just to stand there or lodging and flights. However, thisreally goes to my approach to life: I am going to actually try, if I'm going to try out something. Your job is being a skateboarder. Does this overwhelm you?

Does it ever get so stressful that you question your job? No, dude! That's mad! I really don't see how anybody Because we have these choices, can feel like that. If I don't wish to skateat a competition, that is my selection. Whatever it is that would make me be it over, I would not do anything that was. There's somany different options to be, what to do. I could never feel that way. I've also gotten into company out of skating and that Ihope whenever possible to be doing this. I want to be able to learn more about that and be able to skate. Because will not bethere 21, I will not do the competitions.

I have a kid and things, but I got to make certain things are currently happening. Now,there's no reason not to do them, however. What do you think You'd be doing if matters Hadn't worked out? That's a hard call because like Most, we know most life things with skating, being that we started at a young age. I have alwaysloved architecture, but that is going to school for eight years or however long it takes to find a degree. I really don't believeI have the type of mentality to perform it. Skateboarding has spoiled us, because bottom line, when I'm doing a switch heel it'snot for whatever. It's what makes me feel good. Inform me that It's possible for you to remember.

The first one which comes to mind is with this Board sponsor I said. I moved with a lot of older bowl skaters up the coast ofAustralia to the Device skateboards excursion. It had been the thing for me as a kid because I skated ledges and rails and reallya bit of transition. Not like airs or something, but I always enjoy doing tails on tranny back. So I had been on this trip and Isaw older skateboarders are: drinking all day, smoking weed. All we were doing was forcing up to various bowl parks. That was myfirst experience to that kind of skater and they were. I certainly have an appreciation for those men and women that are down togo on those raw trips. I remember watching of you attempting this clip Something on ripping it from the floor and a railway in China.

What happened? Oh, that was crazy! I had been on a visit for Ty's We and video just got to this place. I was very excited cause it was this tinyrailing at a university and nobody had touched it. That I tried to get it on and I attempted to bigspin front board it, withoutactually checking it out or touching it and it just snapped from the floor. That sounds insane! Can you have to pay anybody Resolve or off the railing or anything? As soon as it happened, we tried to put it Back up since security was there, and run out. That is why it even rushed . I believeTy got hauled back. They had to pay 500 dollars that are Chinese.

I'm sure they didn't cover the rail. Whoever worked securityonly pocketed the money and proceeded with it. For King of the Road a few Years Back, When the Nike SB team got to Los Angeles you left early. Why did that occur? That situation was misinterpreted. At I'll give a little short on what happened to you, although the conclusion of the day, it'smy fault. This might be really vague, but basically the whole year leading up to KOTR, I was not skating. I had this girlfriendwho lived with me and some family shit.

It helped me tremendously this terrible year, but I had. I wanted to get and was not doinganything. I move on King of the Road and I am, like, "Let's do this." There is tricks in a book and it's a notion that I adore. Iget on the excursion and I could not skate because I had a sore knee. I don't know if the men thought I was lying or whatever, butI'm extremely unhealthy. We reach LA about six days in and I was just, for example, "I have to go see the chiropractor," and Ileft to go see what was up with my knee. I had to take care of a court date for some household things as well to fly to Australia.They thought I had been a little girl--that I was--but that I was leaving with a knee and they found it.

They had been hating onme, which is nice, however they did not really know what was occurring. It had been sprung up on me and that I needed to really goeither way. They told me not to come back so I did my thing and went. Come to find out Nike called me and everyone was just hatingon me. I'm cool with this. Can't blame anybody since it's exactly what it is. I was to go on such a trip. I heard a great dealfrom it. Because they might not have put me on that trip in the first place, I should told them what went on.

Would you do it again if Primitive was Asked to go on it? One-hundred percent. I wish! I do wish I was in the normal state I was in after and before that year. That period of my life wasjust. The only thing you won't catch me doing is butt chugging. I really don't know who the hell on Primitive is currently goingto be doing that. That's the things I wouldn't be doing anyways, no matter what state I am in. They got some challenges that werewild-ass. It's pretty damn amusing. I noticed that you have a few nicknames, like Nugget. Why do people call you The Landlord? At my skatepark, I've got two homes on the Property, but among them is a traditional skate home with, like, ten individuals so Ifigure that's where that comes out of living there. I enjoy it they're all children. I really like to be able to have all thesepeople be able to hook them up with anything they need, but not need to be with them 24-7. It's a rare item. I live my life thatis separate but everyone is looked after. They're nuts.

I heard that basically the entire Primitive Team lives in your best skateboards. From time to time. It's definitely a skate Home; it's not getting any worse. They're not poor with cleanliness. They've had butthey're chillin'. So they aren't even home that much they're on a few skate rat shit 24-7. I know a few of the Aussies remain at your House in the usa. What drives you to hook your friends up so much?