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Guide to defeat the Ice Knight in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, players will participate in magic battles in the form of "Hammer - Sack - Drag", and one of the toughest opponents is the Ice Knight. For further information of role-playing games, you can go here What is Role playing game.

There is a fact that most of Harry Potter's experience: Hogwarts Mystery has been simplified into clicking on energy bars, but luckily the game's mechanics are not "lazy" to that extent. Fighting spells is an important part of Hogwarts Mystery, and while most matches are relatively simple, there is still a "boss battle" that can make some players find it difficult to overcome. It is noted that this boss battle screen will only be available at the end of Year 2, so it can also be considered a part of the game's content beforehand. When the player attempts to open The Cursed Vault with Bill Weasley and another friend of his choice, the party will be attacked by a magic Ice Knight - a special opponent compared to the other student witches the player has faced.

This license’s model is similar to the other spells in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, still revolving around a hedge-drag mechanism with Aggressive defeating Sneaky, Sneaky defeating Defensive and Defensive defeat Aggressive. These battles have a tactical part in it when the player chooses the right spell to use after winning the "prison scene". The easiest way to win Ice Knight is to use Incendio magic. Incendio has the ability to deal massive damage over time, meaning that Ice Knight will have to take damage even if the player does not respond to it. This is extremely useful, as the Ice Knight has the ability to inflict a large amount of damage, and easily finish the battle. More information about the role-playing game is available at See more here

Incendio can only be executed when an Aggressive player defeats Sneaky's opponent, so it is best to choose the Aggressive option until Ice Knight uses Sneaky, then the player can execute Incendio, and hope to continue to damage enemies in the duration of the spell. There is a small note that often opponents in spells do not choose spells randomly but according to certain patterns, so if it is possible to stay long, the player will easily grasp the model. Ice Knight's moves. Using a healing spell also has the advantage, if the player can use Defensive to defeat Aggressive, to increase their ability to fight back attacks. In this way, the player is healed, and the Ice Knight continues to lose blood over time, caused by Incendio.
It is the easiest trick for players to easily win against Ice Knight and enter the Second Year in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. With the content for the Fourth Year revealed, there is a good chance that in the future, players will be able to face famous enemies in the Harry Potter world, such as Death Eaters. Either way, players must first pass the Ice Knight. Hogwarts Mystery is currently available for free on Android mobile devices. If you want to download more Android games, you can refer at Download top role playing games to challenge kids' minds.