Pemantauan Parameter Panel Surya Berbasis Arduino secara Real Time

Muhammad Rizal Fachri, Ira Devi Sara, Yuwaldi Away


Monitoring the output parameters of a solar module is required for assessing its performance under real operating conditions. This paper presents a new technique for monitoring the output parameters i.e. current and voltage of solar module directly under real operating conditions. In this new monitoring technique, the output parameters of a solar module can be directly processed in real time condition and their results are displayed in a graph. The monitoring system is developed using microprocessor Arduino Atmega 328P and equipped with calibrated current and voltage sensors, a data acquisition system which is integrated directly into an Excel spreadsheet using the PLX-DAQ application program and a memory card for backup. The monitoring system is connected to a computer using a RS232 serial port. The collected data is saved directly into a spreadsheet and plotted in real time. This technique provides an easy access to the collected data for further analysis.


Real time, Data Acquisition, Monitoring, Current Sensors, Sensor Voltage, Solar Panels, Arduino

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