Aceh International Journal of Science and Technology

Aceh International Journal of Science and Technology (AIJST) is accredited by Kemenristek Dikti, the Republic of Indonesia, No. 36b/E/KPT/2016 started from 31 May 2016 to 31 May 2021 and No 30/E/KPT/2018 as SINTA 2 started from 24 October 2018  to 24 October 2023

Aceh International Journal of Science & Technology (AIJST) is published by Graduate School of Syiah Kuala University (PPs Unsyiah) and Indonesian Soil Science Association (Himpunan Ilmu Tanah Indonesia, Komda Aceh). It is devoted to identifying, mapping, understanding, and interpreting new trends and patterns in science & technology development especially within Asian countries as well as other parts of the world. The journal endeavors to highlight science & technology development from different perspectives. The aim is to promote broader dissemination of the results of scholarly endeavors into a broader subject of knowledge and practices and to establish an effective means of communication among academic and research institutions, policymakers, government agencies, and persons concerned with the complex issue of science & technology development. The Journal is a peer-reviewed journal. The acceptance decision is made based upon an independent review process supported by rigorous processes, provides constructive and prompt evaluations of submitted manuscripts, ensuring that only intellectual and scholarly work of the greatest contribution and highest significance is published.


Type of Publication

The journal will be published in form of printed as well as online (electronic) versions.



The AIJST publishes original conceptual and research papers, review papers, technical reports, case studies, management reports, book reviews, research notes, and commentaries. It will occasionally come out with special issues devoted to important topics concerning science & technology development issues.


Starting from 2016  AIJST focuses on science and engineering aspects, and therefore now AIJST consideres the topics but not limited to :

  • Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Transportation)
  • Geology and Geomorphology
  • Environmental Science (Hydrology, Pollution, Water Treatment, Soil Science, Climatology)
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Geophysics
  • Information Technology

 All manuscripts should follow the instruction for the author strictly and proof-read by native or professional speakers and be submitted through online submission at:

 The papers dealing with Life Sciences especially animal science topics will be considered and published in Aceh Journal of Animal Science (AJAS) the sister journal of AIJST  (



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Aceh International Journal of Social Science

Dear Readers

Welcome to the first issue of Aceh International Journal of Social Sciences (AIJSS). As a quarterly published journal, the AIJSS promotes dialogue and scholarship about social issues, particularly in the context of Aceh. After the 2004 tsunami gravely devastated the coastal region of Aceh that killed more than 225,000 people, Aceh has been the focus of discussion by scholars from various perspectives globally. There has been increasing emphasis worldwide on the issues of rehabilitation, reconstruction and re-development of Aceh post-tsunami, 2004. Thus, the AIJSS provides an avenue for the researchers, academia and practitioners to present and share the findings of their researches and thoughts, specifically on Aceh- related social issues. However, any other social-related topics on the global issues are welcome.

Five papers make up the first issue of the AIJSS at hand. The first one, titled “Student Engagement at the Higher Learning Institutions: The Case of Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates”, by Nurahimah Mohd. Yusoff investigates the level of academic challenge provided to students at the Universiti Utara Malaysia and Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST) of United Arab Emirates (UAE). He found that the student engagement seemed to differ between the two institutions. The second paper “Linguistic Impoliteness: A Small Corpus Analysis from an Islamic (Qur’anic) perspective. They found that affective and coercive impoliteness are presented in the stories book of children, contradicting the linguistic politeness principles in the Holy Qur’an, i.e., Qaulan Ma’rufa (speaking nicely), Qaulan Karima (speaking honorably), and Qaulan Layyina (speaking softly). The third paper under the title of: “Time-Varying Integration among ASEAN-5 Economies”, by Salina H. Kassim and M. Shabri Abd. Majid explores the economic integration among the ASEAN-5 economies during the pre-crisis period (1990 to 1996) and post-crisis period (2000 to 2006). Using the Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) approach and Vector Error Correction Model (VECM), they study found that the crisis has a deep imprint on the degree of economic integration among these countries. The next fourth paper “Examining Accounting and Accountability Issues in Religious Context: Insights from Literature” by Hasan Basri and Siti Nabiha Abdul Khalid discuss the insights from the literature on the issues of accounting and accountability in the religious-based organizations, especially the Islamic religious organisations. They conclude that, in the context of Islamic religious organizations, it is well documented in the literature that Islamic societies have a rich heritage of philanthropic institutions, a heritage that reflects the central place of philanthropy within Islam. Many other Islamic charitable institutions have emerged as a new form of Islamic philanthropic organization and played a very important role in delivering social services, especially in the countries where the majority of their population are Muslim. The last paper under the title of: “A Critical Evaluation of the Compatibility between Traditional and Contemporary Applications of Murabahah Transactions”, by Olorogun Lukman Ayinde explores the extent of conceptual resemblance between traditional and contemporary murabahah contracts.  The results of his study affirm that the critique raised against contemporary contracts is indeed justified. The comparative analysis of the conceptual differences between traditional and contemporary murabahah contracts leads to the conclusion that the contemporary murabahah contract is in inverse relation to the traditional murabahah contract.

Without a good teamwork from the journal crews, the first issues of the AIJSS which consists of five above-mentioned papers would not be accomplished.  The support from a dedicated advisory board and editorial board were excellent. Special thanks to our appointed referees who took time to blindly review the articles, and to the authors that put their work forward for consideration. These include Dr. Salina Hj. Kassim, Dr. Muhammad Abubakar, Dr. Muslim Amin, Dr. Hasan Basri, Dr. Said Musnadi, Dr. Muhammad Nasir, Dr. Sofyan Syahnur, Dr. Nurahimah Mohd. Yusoff, Dr. Sofyan A. Gani, Dr. Usman Kasim, and Dr. Noraini Mohd. Ariffin, to name a few. Without their hard work, the first of AIJSS would not have become reality. Perhaps the hardest working member of our team is our assistants, Bro. Zulkiram and Bro. Achmad Muhadjier. Members of Quality Assurance Unit (Satuan Jaminan Mutu), Graduate School of Syiah Kuala University, Dr. Abrar Muslim, Dr. Saiful, and Dr. Hesti Meilina deserve a big thumb up for their admirable support. Their organizational skills, focus, and dedication have made this process much easier for all of us, and we are sincerely thankful. Of course, these individuals have been instrumental in producing this inaugural issue and volume of the AIJSS.

In addition, we want to give special thanks to the Director, Graduate Schools of Syiah Kuala University, Prof. Dr. Syamsul Rizal, Deputy Directors: Dr. Alfiansyah Yulianur, Dr. Said Musnadi, Dr. Sugianto, Dr. Adwani, and Secretary of Graduate School: Dr. Muhammad Nasir, for their generous support and cooperation.  I hope that each of you will take pleasure in reading the first issue of the AIJSS. We look forward to your supports, contribution and cooperation for the forthcoming issues of the AIJSS. Might Almighty God grant you a proper reward for your contribution thus far.

Dr. M. Shabri Abd. Majid

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Aceh Journal of Animal Science

Printed ISSN: 2502-9568, Electronic ISSN: 2622-8734

This journal can be harvested from

Aceh Journal of Animal Science (Aceh J. Anim. Sci.) is an international peer-review open access journal published by Faculty of Marine and Fisheries, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia, and supported by Institute of Graduate Studies  Universitas Syiah Kuala. The journal publishes Original Research Articles (full papers and short communications) and Review (full and mini-reviews) in all aspects of the animal: genetics, breeding, veterinary, reproduction, nutrition, physiology, anatomy, diseases ecology and behavior, animal products (milk, meat, eggs and their by-products) and processing, and livestock economics. There are no publication charges for publication in the Aceh Journal of Animal Science (fully free of charge). The manuscript should be prepared in good English and has to proofread by a native speaker or professional proofreader.

The proposed manuscript should be submitted through online submission and register at, and submission by email is not permitted and will not be processed. After the manuscript submitted, please proposed at least three potential reviewers (Name, Affiliation, and email address) to The author should adhere to the Guide Line For Author strictly otherwise, the manuscript will be rejected without review.

The proposed manuscript should not be previously published or be considered for any other journals and should be free of plagiarism. The submitted manuscript will be initially screened by an editor to check the scope, language, and suitability, and to detect plagiarism using Turnitin software.

Starting in 2021, this journal publishes one volume and three issues (February, June  & November) per year. The accepted manuscript will be online once the revised version has been received and approved by the editor in chief.


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Aceh Journal of Mathematics

Aceh Journal of Mathematics  is a scientific journal owned and managed by Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Syiah Kuala.


Penanggung Jawab        

Pemimpin Redaksi         
Wakil Redaksi                 

Sekretaris Redaksi         

Humas                              :  



Penyunting Pelaksana  

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Asian Journal of Science Education

Asian Journal of Science Education (AJSE) is a scientific publication in the field of Science published by the Department of Physics Education which is directly under the Universitas Syiah Kuala. The basic for publishing this journal is to maintain the existence of higher education institutions to continue to provide publications in the form of scientific journals. The Journal uses a double-blind review process and it will be published twice a year, namely April and October. 

Asian Journal of Science Education (AJSE) publishes original articles on the latest issues and trends occurring internationally in science curriculum, instruction, learning, policy and preparation of science teachers with the aim to advance our knowledge of science education theory and practice, specifically science education, physics education, chemical education, biological education and mathematics education. We invite manuscripts that investigate learning and its change and growth from various lenses, including psychological, social, cognitive, sociohistorical, and affective. Studies examining the relationship of learning to teaching, the science knowledge and practices, the learners themselves, and the contexts (social, political, physical, ideological, institutional, epistemological, and cultural) are similarly welcome. Science Learning in Everyday Life : consisting of analytical, interpretative, or philosophical papers regarding learning science outside of the formal classroom. 

AJSE has been published by Department of Physics Education, Teacher Training and Education Faculty - Universitas Syiah Kuala in collaboration with Physical Society of Indonesia (PSI).

AJSE update for Author: AJSE, 4(1), April 2022_Cover_Editorial Team_Table of Contents

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Buletin Pengabdian: Bulletin of Community Services

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DEPIK Jurnal Ilmu - Ilmu Perairan, Pesisir dan Perikanan 

p-ISSN (Print):  2089-7790, e-ISSN (Online): 2502-6194

Depik Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Perairan, Pesisir dan Perikanan is accredited by Direktorat Jenderal Penguatan Riset dan Pengembangan Kemenristekdikti Republic of Indonesia starts from Volume 7 Number 3, 2018 based on the decree letter (SK) No. 30 / E / KPT / 2019, November 11, 2019 (Sinta 2 Grade). (Document download Here)


DEPIK Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Perairan, Pesisir dan Perikanan is a peer review international journal. This is a joint publication between Faculty of Marine and Fisheries Syiah Kuala University, Indonesian Association of Oceanologists, and  School of Syiah Kuala University and Center for Marine and Fishery Studies of Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Depik publishes one volume and three issues a year in April, August, and December.  The paper will be published online as soon as the revision is approved by the editor in chief and therefore, no time constraint, but the paper will be printed at the end of the respective issue. The first issue has published on February 6, 2012.  The editorial boards are come from several reputable universities in Indonesia and worldwide. The journal is focusing on but not limited to:

•    Fisheries (Aquaculture, Capture Fisheries, Fish Processing)

•    Aquatic Ecology (Freshwater, Marine, and Brackishwater)

•    Aquatic Biology (Fish, Mollusk, Crustacean, Plankton, Coral reefs)

•    Oceanography

 The authors are suggested to read and follow the Guideline for Author strictly, otherwise, the paper will be rejected without review. Paper submission should be performed through online submission. The registered author can be Login at,, and the new author should register prior to submitting the paper at,


Starting from Volume 6 Issue 1 (2017) onward the Submission and Peer Review processes are fully online, and therefore the journal is no longer received submission by email. Depik is publishing a new PDF performance and layout starting on Volume 6.  (Download the Template Here)

This journal can be harvested by OAI protocol. Base Dir is

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International Journal of Disaster Management

International Journal of Disaster Management (IJDM) is a peer-reviewed open access international journal. It addresses the issues related to the science and, or application of advanced and indigenous knowledge, culture, and local context to minimize the potential impact or threat or warning in a way to reduce the exposure of human activities to risks and hazards.

From 2021 IJDM is published three issues in a year (April, August, and December). This triannual journal provides space for debates and critical thinking and covers original research articles, review articles, short reports or Letters, case studies, methodologies or methods in knowledge advancement related to humans and disasters.

IJDM is managed by Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Centre (TDMRC) of Universitas Syiah Kuala. Since its establishment in 2017, IJDM is committed to continuing publishing original and best-quality research articles.

The journal scope covers a multi-disciplinary approach in the following key topics:


  • Lessons learned on disaster management from past disasters
  • Technology application for disaster response, reconstruction, and mitigation
  • Management of early response, rehabilitation, and recovery
  • Disaster education and strategy to increase awareness and preparedness
  • Post-disaster recovery process and strategies
  • Governance in disaster management
  • The early-warning system, technology, and strategies
  • Knowledge management for disaster risk reduction
  • GIS and remote sensing for disaster management
  • Community-based disaster management
  • Climate risk management
  • Environmental aspect in disaster
  • Natural hazards coupled with technological failures
  • Children protection and participation in disaster management
  • Local and indigenous knowledge for disaster risk reduction
  • Numerical analysis for disaster management supports
  • Pandemic and communicable diseases

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International Research in Society and Culture


Call For Paper
Vol. 01, No.1, June 2022

International Research in Society and Culture (IRSC) is a peer-reviewed open access international journal. It discusses the development, local and global issues related to society, culture, and social science.

The journal scope covers a multi-disciplinary approach in the following topics: anthropology, business studies, communication studies, criminology, cross-cultural studies, demography, development studies, economics, education, geography, history, information science, international relations, law, linguistics, political science, population studies, public administration, sociology, social welfare, religious studies, women studies, health, Indigenous Knowledge.

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Journal of Aceh Physics Society


Physical Society of Indonesia (PSI)-Aceh, Indonesia


  • Physical Society of Indonesia (PSI), Indonesia
  • Physics Department, FMIPA, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia
  • LPPM- Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia
  • Badan Tenaga Atom Nasional (BATAN), Indonesia
  • Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI), Indonesia
  • Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia
  • Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia
  • R&D Engineer at imec (Silicon Photonics Integration), Belgium
  • Universitas Bina Nusantara, Indonesia
  • Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, Indonesia
  • CNRS International-NTU-Thales Research Alliance (CINTRA), Singapore

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Journal of Karbazon

The Journal Karbazon is a scientific journal owned and managed by Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Syiah Kuala.

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Journal of Political Sphere

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Journal of Tropical Science

Journal of Tropical Science (JoTS), menerbitkan karya ilmiah hasil kajian / penelitian dan kajian pustaka pada bidang konservasi dan biodiveritas. JoTS merupakan jurnal multidisiplin yang mencakup organisme yang berasal dari berbagai daerah dan habitat, berfokus pada penelitian menggunakan pendekatan terbaru atau yang jarang digunakan, dan berasal dari daerah dengan keanekaragaman hayati yang tinggi atau habitat yang kurang dipelajari. Jurnal ini mencakup pendekatan penilaian cepat, estimasi jumlah spesies dan keanekaragaman, pengelolaan habitat, kebijakan dan peraturan konservasi, ancaman, hilangnya keanekaragaman hayati, kepunahan, dan pendokumentasian perubahan jangka panjang, dan konservasi ex-situ.


Journal of Tropical Science (JoTS) didirikan pada tahun 2021, terbit dua kali dalam setahun, pada bulan Mei dan November. Dimulai dengan Volume 1 Nomor 1 November 2021, jurnal hanya diterbitkan dengan menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris.

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Jurnal Bioleuser

JURNAL BIOLEUSER is an electronic journal, provides a forum for publishing the original research articles written in INDONESIAN or ENGLISH related to biological research. The scope of the papers should cover, but not limited to:
• Biosystematics
• Physiology and Metabolism
• Molecular biology
• Genetics & biotechnology
• Bioinformatics
• Cell and developmental biology,
• Microbiology
• Ecology
• Bioconservation

JURNAL BIOLEUSER employs a standard editorial and publishing process. JURNAL BIOLEUSER publishes online versions of three issues in one volume per year (April, August, and December) and always free to access, download and reuse under the License Creative Commons (CC BY).


Jurnal Bioleuser (J. Bioleuser) Identity:  

eISSN 2597-6753

Publisher: Jurusan Biologi FMIPA Universitas Syiah Kuala

Address: Block F 2nd Floor FMIPA Unsyiah
               Jl. Tegk. Syech Abdurrauf No. 3, Banda Aceh, 23111, Indonesia



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Jurnal Kelautan dan Perikanan Indonesia

Jurnal Kelautan dan Perikanan Indonesia (JKPI) atau nama lain Indonesia Marine and Fisheries Journal merupakan jurnal ilmiah yang memuat hasil - hasil penelitian bidang kelautan dan perikanan dalam skala luas meliputi ilmu kelautan, akuakultur, perikanan tangkap, teknologi hasil perikanan, pengelolaan sumberdaya perairan, serta sosial ekonomi perikanan. JKPI terbit tiga kali dalam setahun yaitu pada bulan April, Agustus dan Desember. Artikel yang diterbitkan pada JKPI berupa artikel riset (research article) dan ulas balik (literature review). Jurnal Kelautan dan Perikanan Indonesia (JKPI) dikelola dan diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Kelautan dan Perikanan, Universitas Syiah Kuala.

Semua artikel yang diterbitkan di Jurnal Kelautan dan Perikanan Indonesia (JKPI) sudah melalui proses peer review, direview secara tertutup (blind review) oleh para mitra bebestari (reviewer) yang ditunjuk oleh Dewan Editor sesuai dengan bidang keahliannya. Pada umumnya, setiap artikel direview oleh satu sampai dua orang mitra bebestari.  



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Jurnal Komunikasi Global

Jurnal Komunikasi Global (JKG) is a peer-reviewed journal organized and published by the Department of Communication Studies, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Syiah Kuala University.

JKG publishes research and review articles promoting various approaches in the field of communication studies limited to mass communication, marketing communication, and intercultural communication (starting from Volume 9(2) 2020). 

JKG publishes twice a year in June and December. Each volume contains eight research and review articles.

JKG is a follow-up journal of Komunikasi Global which was firstly published in 2012. Since 2017, the journal has been published online with the first edition Volume 6(1) 2017. 

Starting from Volume 7(1) 2018, JKG adopted the IMRAD model for Heading Style and Writing Publication following the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Higher Education regulations.

JKG was accredited by Kemenristekdikti RI (SINTA 4) from Volume 7(1) 2018.

Since Volume 10 (1) 2021, JKG is accredited with SINTA 3 (SK No.158/E/KPT/2021).

Since Volume 9(1) 2020, a new journal template adding article history, citation and some adjustment of font size, header, table format, article history and citation has been initiated to maintain the quality of the publication.

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Jurnal Natural

Jurnal Natural (J. Nat.)  is a multidisciplinary journal for rapid publishing of review paper, important primary or preliminary research report, technical report in mathematics and natural science. It is also fully open access journal published by faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia.

Jurnal Natural (J. Nat.) is an international journal that collaborate with some academic associations in Indonesia including IndoMS (Mathematics), HKI (Chemistry), PHI (Physics) and HAGI (Geophysics). New accepted articles will appear online as soon as they are ready for publication. Since 2018, the journal publishes three issues in a year (February, June, and October).

Jurnal Natural (J. Nat.) is entirely open access, with apply a publishing charges for authors. The review process is blind review and efficient.

Jurnal Natural (JN) is Nationally Accredited by Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency, Number 148/M/KPT/2020 (Sinta Category 2) valid untill 2024. Additionally, Jurnal Natural has also been indexed in the Index Copernicus International (ICI) Journals Master List in 2020 (ICV: 95.00).

Starting Volume 20(1) 2020, a new journal template has been implemented by adding article history as well as some adjustments including font size, header and footer page number style to maintain the quality of the publication.

Jurnal Natural (J. Nat.) Identity:  

eISSN : 2541-4062

pISSN : 1411-8513

Publisher: Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science (FMIPA), Universitas Syiah Kuala

Address: Block A 2nd Floor FMIPA Unsyiah
               Jl. Tegk. Syech Abdurrauf No. 3, Banda Aceh, 23111, Indonesia



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Jurnal Saintek Laboratory


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Jurnal Sosiologi USK (Media Pemikiran & Aplikasi)

JURNAL SOSIOLOGI USK: Media Pemikiran & Aplikasi (P-ISSN: 2252-5254; E-ISSN: 2654-8143) is a journal published by Sociology Departement of Faculty of Social and Political Science Syiah Kuala University Banda Aceh, Indonesia. It specializes in various social approaches based on local, national and international various social issues. Journal published in two editions on the year. This journal has been Accredited SINTA 4 until 2023.




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Proceedings of ICMSA

2nd conference of ICMSA was held in 2006 at Penang, Malaysia

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Proceedings of The Annual International Conference, Syiah Kuala University - Life Sciences & Engineering Chapter

This journal can be harvested by OAI protocol. Base Dir is

Proceedings of The Annual International Conference Syiah Kuala University (AIC Unsyiah) is an online official publication of The Annual International Conference conducted by Syiah Kuala University. The presented papers have been reviewed by a reviewer panel and international editorial board of this conference prior to publish in this proceedings.

The conference is initiated on 2011 and the presented papers are divided into two chapters i.e. Life Sciences and Engineering Chapter; and Social Sciences Chapter. This proceedings is publishing only Life Sciences and Engineering Chapter where every volume consist at least two issues; Life Sciences issue, and Engineering issue, one additional issue (addendum issue) will be published when needed. While the Social Sciences Chapter is published separately in different website.

Detail information on the Annual International Conference Syiah Kuala University on 2014  is available at official website of this conference;

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