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Journal of Accounting Research, Organization and Economics

The Journal of Accounting Research, Organization and Economics (JAROE) is a peer-review academic journal covering all aspects of accounting, organization, and economics. JAROE is a refereed journal dedicated to promoting and publishing research on accounting education issues and to improving the quality of accounting education worldwide. JAROE  is published bySyiah Kuala University. It was established in April 2018.

JAROE welcomes any unpublished research that used empirical archival, experimental, field study and case study methods.

Journal of Accouting Research, Organization and Economics (JAROE) is a major international journal concerned with all aspects of the relationship between Accounting, organization, and economics. Its unique focus covers accounting, business, finance and management.  JAROE receives and public research, conceptual dan review papers on marketing, accounting, finance, investment, economics, human resource management, auditing and other business and management related fields.


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Jurnal Dinamika Akuntansi dan Bisnis

Jurnal Dinamika Akuntansi dan Bisnis (JDAB) or Journal of Accounting and Business Dynamics is a biannual peer-reviewed academic journal published by Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics & Business, Syiah Kuala University. First published in March 2014, JDAB aims to take part in the advancement of accounting knowledge by publishing high quality accounting papers. Under new editorial team headed by Dr.rer.pol. Heru Fahlevi, JDAB publication has been made accessible online commencing March 2016. Hence the journal is currently published in both online and printed versions. All publications are open access in full text and free to download.

JDAB encourages submission of original and unpublished accounting articles by means of all research methods including qualitative, quantitative, or combination methods. While the special area of interest has been on Islamic accounting and public sector accounting, the journal also welcomes the submission of articles in other relevant areas of accounting research. The journal recognizes the important developments that take place in the field of Islamic accounting and other emerging research in accounting therefore it seeks to provide a platform for dissemination of these research.


Since December 1, 2016, JDAB has been indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). In addition, JDAB has been indexed in Research bible, BASE, Google Scholar, Directory of Research Journal Indexing, Sinta, Indonesian Publication Index (IPI), Library of University of British Columbia and EBSCO Information Service.

Starting vol. 4 no.1, every article in JDAB has its own Digital Object Identifier.

Important links for Authors and Reviewers

Manuscript Template

Review Guideline

Revision Guideline


New Cover - New Goals

Started Vol 4 - September 2017, JDAB will have a brand new cover for printed version. The new cover reflects JDAB mission to become one of international reputable journals on accounting and business research



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Jurnal Economica Didactica

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Jurnal Ekonomi dan Kebijakan Publik Indonesia

JURNAL EKONOMI DAN KEBIJAKAN PUBLIK INDONESIA (EKaPI) (ISSN 2442-7411, E-ISSN 2549-8355) is an open access academic journal published by Development Economics Department, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. It presents the peer-reviewed and open access work/research. It is published two times a year in the months of May and November. The articles are those in the scopes of Economics and Public Policy. The contents include analyses, studies, research reports, material developments, application of theories and reviews. EKaPI invites articles that have never been published or being considered elsewhere. Please thoroughly follow the submission guidelines for article contributors.

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Jurnal Manajemen Dan Inovasi

Jurnal Manajemen dan Inovasi is a peer reviewed journal published by Deparment of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Syiah Kuala University. The journal is published twice a year in February and October. The scope of the journal varies from finance, human resource management, marketing, production, supply chain, to global business practices.

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Jurnal Perspektif Ekonomi Darussalam

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Jurnal Telaah dan Riset Akuntansi

Jurnal Telaah & Riset Akuntansi JTRA diterbitkan dua kali setahun pada bulan Januari dan Juli oleh Program Magister Sains Akuntansi Program Pascasarjana Universitas Syiah Kuala. Tujuan J-TRA adalah untuk memfasilitasi para peneliti, praktisi dan akademisi dalam menyampaikan dan menyebarluaskan hasil riset, gagasan dan pandangan mereka tentang Akuntansi. Lingkup yang artikel di terbitkan pada JTRA ini terfokus pada bidang akuntansi keuangan, akuntansi manajemen, pemeriksaan akuntansi, pasar modal, sistem informasi, perpajakan dan akuntansi sektor publik.

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