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Cakradonya Dental Journal

Cakradonya Dental Journal aims to publish original articles within the scope of dentistry. This journal presents the research and development in the field of dentistry.


This journal is expected to be a media for scientific communication between universities, researchers and stakeholders about dental and oral health as well as other related sciences, in order to gain national and international recognition.


1. To organize the publication of qualified articles in order to gain national and international recognition.

2. To become a scientific communication medium for the advancement and the development of the academic intellectual community among universities, researchers and stakeholders.

3. To organize professional and accountable published articles to improve the positive impression on the Faculty of Dentistry, Syiah Kuala University.

4. To encourage the formation of campus-intellectual culture among the academic community.


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Journal of Syiah Kuala Dentistry Society

Journal of Syiah Kuala Dentistry Society (JDS) is a biannually publication for all those involved in the fields of Dentistry. This journal provides opportunities for academicians, researchers, and practitioners who wish to communicate the research findings in the area of technology and the development of science in dentistry, health science applications, and integrated correlations.

JDS published regularly twice a year (June and December) online since 2016. From 2020 on, the editors accept only a manuscript written in English. Therefore, the editors welcome the original unpublished manuscripts in general dentistry and the following topics but not limited to Cariology, Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, Conservative Dentistry, Dental Biomaterial, Dental Education, Dental Traumatology, Endodontics, Oral Pathology, Oral biology, and any related topics

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Jurnal Kedokteran Syiah Kuala

Jurnal Kedokteran Syiah Kuala is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research, literature reviews and case report on all aspects medicine and health. The journal welcomes basic medical science, clinical, epidemiological, laboratory and policy research.

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Seurune : Jurnal Psikologi Unsyiah

Seurune is taken from the word Seurune Kale which is one of the traditional musical instruments from Aceh. Seurune has a characteristic sound that is strong, sharp and high-pitched that make it sounds dynamic and presents a spirit. This change of name is expected not only to bring new enthusiasm for us, the editorials, but also for you, the authors. The passage of time along with the birth of various changes will certainly bring up various increasingly dynamic phenomena of life that deserve to be studied.

The process that we undergo requires patience and perseverance that the quality we present by carrying a new name will exceed the quality of previous editions. Certainly, our success in publishing this journal does has been supported by various parties. All publications are open access in full text and free to download. Seurune is published bianually in January and July every year.

Seurune: Unsyiah Journal of Psychology is a media to communicate the results of scientific research in the field of psychology, thus we open the opportunity for teaching staff, students, researchers, practitioners, scientists, and observers of psychology throughout Indonesia to contribute scientific papers. The articles published in this journal will be a very useful source of information both academically and practically. We hope that the existence of Seurune, Unsyiah Journal of Psychology will enrich the realm of Psychology studies in Indonesia.

ISSN : 2655-9161 (online) 2614-6428 (print)

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