Cakradonya Dental Journal

Cakradonya Dental JournalĀ aims at the publication of a broad scope of original articles in the field of dentistry sciences. This journal covers a wide range of scientific materials from basic science and molecular biological research to the more practical clinical trials and case reports.

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Idea Nursing Jurnal

Idea Nursing Journal

Idea Nursing Journal (INJ) adalah suatu media yang dapat digunakan untuk, mendiseminasi, dan mengarsipkan karya perawat peneliti di Indonesia. Karya yang dipublikasikan dalam jurnal ini secara tidak langsung diakui sebagai karya kecendekiawanan penulis dalam bidang keperawatan. Artikel antara lain meliputi sub bidang keperawatan dasar, keperawatan dewasa, keperawatan anak, keperawatan maternitas, keperawatan jiwa, keperawatan gerontik, keperawatan keluarga, keperawatan komunitas, manajemen keperawatan, dan pendidikan keperawatan.

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Journal Of Syiah Kuala Dentistry Society

Journal of Syiah Kuala Dentistry Society (JDS) is a media of scientific communication that published online (E-ISSN: 2502-0412), this journal aims to share information through publications among intellectuals in the fields of dentistry and other science else which related to dentistry. This journal publishing opportunities for academicians to pour a variety of ideas as well as ideas about technology and the development of science in dentistry, health sciences applications and integrated correlations.

JDS published regularly 2 times a year (January and July) since 2016 and can be accessed online in the website: The journal is indexed by google scholar and supported by Faculty of dentistry Padjadjaran University and Dentist Association of Indonesia (PB-PDGI). Hopefully this journal can be useful for many users, especially in the field of dentistry and can be used as recommended references for the various participants.

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Jurnal Kedokteran Syiah Kuala

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Jurnal Penelitian Keperawatan

Jurnal Penelitian Keperawatan (JPK) terbit tiga kali dalam setahun sebagai wadah pengembangan ilmu keperawatan

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