Nellyana Roesa

Nellyana Roesa Mail
Fakultas Hukum, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia

Nellyana Roesa, SH.,LL.M, a lecturer at International Law Department, Faculty of Law, Syiah Kuala University. Graduated from Faculty of Law, Syiah Kuala University on 2005 (Bachelor Degree), and completed Master of Laws in National University of Singapore (NUS) on 2009 (LLM). Has attented several Workshops, Conferences and trainings both national and Internasiotional for updating knowledge and networking. On 2011, was elected as a speaker 2nd CILS International Conference in Yogyakarta for delivering a paper on The ASEAN Haze Agreement and It Practice in Indonesia. One year after, also presenting a paper on9th ASLI International Conference in National University of Sinagpore (NUS) about The Implementation Of 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Provisions on Protected Areas in Indonesia and Singapore.

Teaching on International Law, International Law of The Sea, and International Environmental Law. Research interest on any issues of International Environmental Law and International Law of the Sea.

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