Peranan ‘Hukum’ dalam Menjaga ‘Hukum Adat’ Untuk Kesatuan Masyarakat

Faridah Jalil


ABSTRACT: The article discusses on the role of law in preserving customs to encourage the unity of a society. The contention of the article is that the existence of law and customs may assist members of society to live in harmony as both law and customs established rules that organized human behavior.  Human life will be in chaos in the absence of law and customs as the people will not be able to organize the manner they should interact with one another. This article will try to answer the problem on how does law preserved customs that was used to unite the society. The article shows that law needs the support of custom to understand the need of the society, while custom requires the support of law in order for the people to notice the existence of the practice and at the same time, able to be understood by the people at large. Customs are able to produce social accord as customs are embedded with the spirit of ushering good relationship thus encourages man to live harmoniously.  On the other hand, unity propounded by law is founded by force as punishment becomes the basis for obedience.


The Role of Law in Preserving Customs to Encourage the Unity of a Society


the rule of law; customs; society.

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