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Strategy is a plan that is prepared, coordinated and implemented with certain steps and effort to achieve a goal. One of the most important aspects in business is the aspect of marketing, it can be rationalized into thinking i.e. success in business is generally determined by success in marketing, and the marketing itself is considered as a major component of success from the accuracy and effectiveness of implementing marketing strategy. This study is done as a way to know "Marketing Strategy of Family Welfare Education Student’s Products and Service of Unsyiah in Digital Era ". The aim of this study is to describe the marketing strategy of family welfare education students of Unsyiah products and services that have been done and developed in the digital era. The method that is used in this study is a qualitative approach. The data in this study sourced from the student’s business products that have run a personal business at least for six months. The data collection techniques that used in this study are observation, note taking, and documentation. The observation itself includes observation, interview, and documentation. Based on the results of data analysis, the findings of this study can be showed as follows. Family welfare education student of Education and Teacher Training Faculty of Unsyiah still use conventional marketing strategy in their business, the owners are not able to optimize social media that can be developed as a marketing tool in the digital era. The conclusion of this study is the entrepreneurship that has been run by the student by using conventional marketing strategy is good enough. It proved by the number of consumer and increasing of income in every month, but it still less effective if not optimizing the digital marketing strategy considering the growing era is really fast at this time.


Strategy, Marketing, Family Welfare Education Student of Unsyiah.

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